June 2010 archive

Jun 24

Tricopter crash

I managed to crash my tricopter today… The conclusion is that it was my own fault and no tech-issue. I went to a local park to fly some FPV – then I discovered I forgot a cable at home….bummer OK – what to do next…fly and record some stuff…and I strapped on the old GoProHero …

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Jun 23

Flight at the castle

Here is some footage from my local castle. The session took place at 22:00 this time…

Jun 22


I was thinking of the Lights on my Tricopter after yesterdays recording(see previous post) I think I’ll try to aim the outmost segment(3 LED’s) towards the propellers instead – or at least on 1 or 2 of them… When The propellers are lit it should be much easier to tell wich way the Tricopter is …

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Jun 21

Late light flight

I completed a flight at 22:30-23:00 Here is the result

Jun 20

Let there be light

Rear light

I forgot to add pictures of my “Christmas tree” No pictures from the assembly but here are a few shots to show what’s going on… The blue LED is from the LIPO alarm and should be mounted with velcro on the plates… Light is operated from radio Closer look on 1 of the front arms …

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Jun 20

FPV Recording #2

OK – I finally got the recording onto a computer… I only had to dig up an old HDD, install Windows XP, then install the drivers for the SONY Handycam. After that was done….I managed to transfer the recorded material into Windows Movie Maker and the result was a video far below my expectations. See …

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Jun 19

FPV Recording

I recorded the flight of the Tricopter today…I connected my SONY TVR240E Digital 8 Camcorder to the Video link instead of my Goggles(Have no splitter) After a successful flight and about 4 minutes of recorded flight I headed home…then I tried to get the footage into the computer so I could upload it to Youtube …

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Jun 17

FPV Range test

Venom Creeper

I performed a range test today. I mounted all FPV related items on my Crawler I also mounted a AR6100 receiver as I’m using 1 on my Tricopter so I can control the crawler with my Spektrum DX7. I drove off about 150 meter and then I turned around, I did have a few glitches …

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Jun 17


I worked a bit on the rebuild today… Some zip-ties are added to hold wires in place (neat I must say) 2 more plates are done, they will be mounted on top and on bottom when I get my M4 threaded rod delivered (temporarily out of stock) Spacers are already fabricated from plastic tubings a …

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Jun 15


I got an request to fabricate a frame to the Tricopter. I will do an exact copy of my current version 3 arms (1 with yaw assembly) 2 plates (top and bottom) 1 battery holder minor hardware (nuts and bolts)