July 2010 archive

Jul 30

Over the ponds video

This video is by far one of the best I have made with the Tricopter. The soundtrack is by A.R Rahman. The “Mumbai Theme Tune” this can make grown up people cry… I worked hard to get the sequences to fit the music as neat as possible See the result in HD below… It’s to …

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Jul 29

Over the ponds


Prior to the heavy rainfall I managed to get some nice flying. Here is a frame from 1 of 5 clips (3 was in slo-mo) I flew 3 LIPO’s (3S 2200MaH) over the area and recorded every second(and some more) It requires lots of HDD space that I’m currently running low of, so I have …

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Jul 23

Camera mount finished – new plates designed

Mounted camera

The new plates will look just like the old one but they will be stronger and have a hole for the new camera mount. Here is a .pdf with the new design. tricopter framework The green are is to be made of aluminium – I use 0,8mm The double borders indicate that the outer 10mm …

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Jul 22

Camera mount close to completion

Test assembly

I continued the work on the camera mount. Here are some pictures to show where I’m heading… This is the frame, made from 30by30mm Aluminium and it’s 2mm thick and has 10mm height. A center punch is used to mark holes for drilling A test assembly to see if things work out… Some spacers are …

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Jul 22

Camera mount

Looking back at all videos I made earlier I must say I am a bit disappointed. This made my brain think a bit and I came up with a camera mount that will give me the option to aim the camera in any direction (tilt) and to have it horizontally aligned at almost all the …

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Jul 21

Tricopter at Törneby Herrgård

I borrowed the garden at Törneby Herrgård – a nice location, and most of all – a great place to go FPV A few parts are FPV and some are not…

Jul 21

Tricopter at a barn

I had the pleasure of flying next to an old barn I tried to fly in such manners that it would be of interest for owners, architects or people who appreciate old buildings. Some were FPV with goggles and some not…

Jul 18

Tricopter at Fredrikskans

Sky high

I went out for a demonstration today at Fredrikskans – 1 of the local arenas here are some footage 3 LIPO’s emptied down to 10.4, 10.5 & 10,7 Volts Pretty good but it was windy and hard to stay on course so I started to fly along the lines and tracks instead.

Jul 16

Tricopter payload test

The payload test in my back yard… My 3S 2200MaH LIPO 20C has a peak at 35C… 2200*20=44000/1000 = 44Amps (norm) 2200*35=77000/1000 = 77Amps(peak) The payload test maxed out at 69Amps….close… It proves my calculations to be quite accurate. The motors are tested to 1000g thrust each by users/customers of www.Hobbycity.com My tricopter weights in …

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Jul 16

Tricopter at a cemetery

New video! This time the flight took place at a local cemetery. Filmed in 1080p with Toshiba Camileo H30 and in slow motion as well but at lower res… (Must order a GoProHD) I was closing in on LIPO limits at 44 Amps… (have to order new LIPOS with better C-rating)