September 2010 archive

Sep 30

Tricopter at the Castle

Once again I was at my local castle. I flew 3*2200Mah and 1*5000Mah LIPO’s It ended up in lots of clips – the longest sequence was over 9 minutes so I had some work to crop and edit the material. Anyway….here is the result – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. …

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Sep 26

Tricopter – A garden flight

Some Standard Tricopter flight at a garden by the water

Sep 24

MultiWii MODE 2 configurations

Movement in menu

WARNING – OUTDATED – but the basics are still there   I put together a few pictures to show stick movements and when you are configuring your software with LCD Note -I have a MODE 2 radio. If you have MODE 1 it is different (refer to alexinparis site) Don’t be confused by my sewing thread …

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Sep 23

Quadcopter software MODE1

The software is built and designed for MODE1 radio’s and so is all documentation. As I Have MODE2 radio there are lots of things that has to be verified prior to take-off… I printed the website from the author, underlined issues that has to be investigated and as soon as I get my propellers I …

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Sep 19

Solved issues

I solved my issues for my Quadcopter today. I had a problem where I could not get the LCD to work (I thought) It comes down to me using a MODE 2 radio and the author of the software a MODE 1 radio. This causes lots of unwanted issues and I think the whole project …

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Sep 16

Quadcopter finished


My indoor Quadcopter is finished. The weight is a mere 290 grams without LIPO Here is a sneak peek and size comparison to my Spektrum DX7

Sep 16

Quadcopter breakthru

I managed to get a motor to spin up upon lever input today! I finished the EDB yesterday and temporarily hooked it up for an initial test. Works great but is more suited to the outdoor Quadcopter. All connectors and brass washers are bulky… Some progress…Now I can continue to solder the rest of the …

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Sep 15


Side view

Here is my EDB in progress (electronic distribution board) These are the parts that are going to be used Connectors placed on the + side The ground plane goes on top How it will look like

Sep 13


Frame with CD-cakebox

This is my new build…a small Quadcopter – intended for indoor use now that the indoor-season has begun. The arms will be less than 50cm motor to motor and the frame is made of Balsa-wood. It is not very sturdy, but will be a great test platform of how much strength actually is needed A …

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Sep 10

Arduino Pro Mini

MultiPilot connectors

Here is the Arduino Pro Mini board connected. As you can tell by the size – its small! The connectors I use are dismantled regular 3pin servo extenders. Instead of using 1 extender / channel (5 used) I use 2 extenders mounted sideways so the three connectors – + and signal actually covers 3 channels …

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