November 2010 archive

Nov 29

Indoor flying by RFK Utvandrarna [HD]

Some indoor flying by members of RFK Utvandrarna Recorded with a GoPro Hero HD (both time lapse and videos) Sbach EPP 800mm & Depron 850mm from Video made with Sony Vegas Audio from Cafe Del Mar XV (STOP by Lento) Please leave comments here and on YouTube if you like it!

Nov 26

Finishing up

Today I connected the Arduino Pro Mini to the AR6100 with 2 modified servo extenders. All channels verified by my previous post regarding Mode2 and the images at RCGroups. As I will use the quad in X-mode I connected my ESC’s to the according pins. Sensors and input from radio gives nice readings in GUI. …

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Nov 24

MultiWiiCopter testlab


This is my multiWiiCopter testlab. It is an Arduino pro mini, a Wii motion plus(WMP) and Nunchuck (NCK) connected and 2 servos are outputs. The 2 servos are to stabilise a camera, to keep it horizontal on the Quadcopter This setup will be cleaned up and mounted on top of my QuadCopter

Nov 15

FOV – Field Of View

Camera rig

As the GoPro HD Camera has an astounding 170 degrees FOV I have to mount it in a very forward position to get rid of obstructing items in the view. I do not want the motors or propellers in view so the camera has to be mounted X cm forward (when Quadcopter is flying in …

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Nov 14

Quadcopter frame take 2


A small update to my Quadcopter frame… Minor progress: extending lower spacers from 15mm to 20mm to make room for my EDB. enlarging holes for motor-axles on lower side testfitting motors soldering bullet connectors to motors and ESC’c Soldering Deans connectors to ESC’c Mounting EDB with Velcro top and bottom Testing various ways to dampen …

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Nov 10

Happy days

There are several parcels heading my way. Many items from HobbyCity Motors ESC’c Links Hinges LEDstrips Servos Extension cords and much much more Items from Electronicarc EagletreeGPS 850mW TX/RX And yesterday I got from FPVflying Skywalker With all this I can finish FPV /Aerial photo airplane Tricopter Quadcopter With a new TX/RX I can now …

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Nov 08

Quadcopter frame

measurement of arms

I have found my pictures that I took during the build of my Quadcopter frame. (I thought I deleted them by mistake) Here we see that the threaded rods are a bit to long. I ran out of 6mm alloy tube so I could not finish 4 spacers – they are going to be 20mm …

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Nov 07

GoPro HD video pinout


This is useful when/if you are going to make your own cable and attach to your OSD. I measured the 2.5mm Component connectors with my multimeter – here is the diagram 4. common ground 3. center red connector 2. center blue connector 1. center green connector I measured the 2.5mm Composite connectors with my multimeter …

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Nov 07


I was visiting the local museum today and had a chat with some staff about archaeology. I was asking them about the interest in aerial photo’s over excavation sites. I got some phone numbers to local archaeologists so I’ll give them a ring tomorrow and explain what I can offer in form of aerial photos. …

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Nov 04

More items on the way

I have a list of items heading my way… A FPV plane, servos, motors, ESC’s GPS, videolink and propellers are all on their way to my place A new kit with links, hinges, clevises, extending wires and other small goodies have been ordered as well… Meanwhile I wait for all items I have been playing …

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