December 2010 archive

Dec 31

Skywalker FPV /Aerial Photo

I started to assemble my Skywalker. It is intended for FPV /Aerial photo. Default wings have pre-moulded flaps – but they are not used so I cut them out using my X-acto knife. I also added to slots for servo’s and added hinges. Next is aileron servos, aileron hinges and I might mount my GPS …

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Dec 22


I got a response on my email from PTS When I apply for a permit to use my videolink i have to state geographical use (area) time interval (start/stop) frequency power This makes it a bit hard as we cannot tell in advance when we can fly or not fly RC due to weather and …

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Dec 16


I got a bill in my mailbox from Transportstyrelsen. IT costs a fair amount of money – and this brings up a few ideas in my mind. How about a FPV-association that owns the permits and all members are commanders and pilots. The association has the permits for the entire country and acts as the …

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Dec 06

Gyro assisted camera

I made a mock up with my FPV-camera to test the servo outputs from MultiWii. This is the result – quite OK considering I didn’t tweak the figures much Sorry about the quality of video…

Dec 06

UAS/UAV permit and Aerial photo permits


Today I received my permit from the Swedish Transport Agency! This means I can legally use my vessels for FPV! Now I wait for the permit from the Swedish military regarding aerial photos(should arrive this week) This is 1 step closer to legally publish images/videos. (If you publish images from any aerial vessel you need …

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