February 2011 archive

Feb 26

T-copter progress

Yaw mechanism from top

I know – I have been lazy updating the T-copter – but here is the current state. Motors and ESC’s are transferred from my Tricopter. Gyros are mounted on exactly same centre plates (1 used, 1 new) The wire harness to power everything will be re soldered (I will reuse most of it, only adjust …

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Feb 25

Syntax highlight

pde syntax highlight

Being a programmer working with Visual Studio all days this is a feature that you really miss in Arduino IDE In fact it is hard to read code with 1 colour – it is a lot easier to read when you have code in several colours See for yourself: How do I do this? Download …

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Feb 22

Logic Level Converter

Today I got a parcel from a Swedish electronic supplier containing 2 pcs Logic Level Converter (BOB-08745) They allow me to connect several sensors to SDA SCL connectors on the Arduino Pro Mini. This requires a modification to my current connections as the LLC has to be connected 1st and then the sensors in an …

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Feb 22

MultiWii board error continues

This is really strange. For some reason I cannot understand There seems to be no connection between Arduino and my AR6100. Everything worked just fine on my home-made board on my Quad, but on the MultiWii board it does not work. When I move board around I see graphs move about in GUI but I …

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Feb 21

MultiWii full LCD mod

Here are the added features now available in LCD GUI fulllcd_configs Some ASCI art in a textfile to show a 2 row LCD and the values are default (as v1.6 software) The code can be found in RC Groups forum thread for MultiWii or here: fulllcd all created by RC Groups user Shikra the mod …

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Feb 20

Sensor board

I made a small sensor board that allows me to connect any sensor I want to the MultiWii-board. I have ordered a few LLC (Logic level converters) to allow more sensors on-board. The sensor board can be stacked on top of the MultiWii-board and I will fabricate a few plastic spacers to make the whole …

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Feb 15

Driving FPV

FPV camera

This might not be the best way to do things but it worked pretty well… I went to a big empty parking lot and tried to drive my car FPV… It’s just a test so no recorded footage is available Here are some shots FPV camera (sony ccd chipset) Has been mounted to my Tricopter …

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Feb 14

Multiwii board v1.0 take 2

Senors ready to be connected

I had some problems with my MultiWii board and After a few hours tinkering, verifying solders and such It turned out I set a jumper to the wrong position. Here are a few pics…and some on the sensors I will mount on a separate pertinax board

Feb 14

AP Crazy Sukhoi 29 Depron

Carbon reinforcements

I got a Depron kit from autopartner.se A AP Crazy Sukhoi 29 Depron It is designed by the great Claes Meijer of Meijermodels I will fly indoors with this one and occasionally outdoors on calm evenings (if it lasts that long that is…) Here are some pictures from the build that is currently waiting for …

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Feb 06

MultiWii 1.6

I installed the version 1.6 (prebis) on my Quad and went to the local indoor session. I also updated the LCD commands with the new offerings. Now I can adjust all these settings in the field with the LDC (No need for laptop) I forgot to update my MINCOMMAND throttle to fit my motors so …

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