Mar 06

Quadcopter indoors

Today I flew the Quadcopter indoors for the first time. It flew very well. Compared to the outdoor maiden test I toned down RC rate and Expo a bit but I will have to increase RC rate again. I flew 4 flights just to try various things and it is very stable and performing well as you can see on the video below.

Video not available

Just as I figured the software compensates for the extra weight forward, I will solder an extension wire to the LIPO so I can mount it to get a better COG.


    • Markusb on March 6, 2011 at 22:49

    Stabilt och snyggt!
    Bra musikval till filmen.

  1. Jepp – den flög riktigt bra med bara WM+

    nästa steg blir att lägga till Nunchucken (NK)

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