Monthly Archive: April 2011

Apr 26

Hexacopter parts

I have decided to buy parts to build a Hexacopter. This is to eliminate the risks of future motor failures like the ones I had on my Quadcopter. I simply buy a new motor to replace the broken one and add 2 more to the same shipping. I also ordered a backup motor and ESC …

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Apr 25

Skywalker groundstation recording

I used a Videograbber to record the output from my eagle Tree Groundstation. I flew LOS (Line Of Sight) i.e. without video goggles. It was a nice evening and the sun was setting as can be seen in the video below. I still use stock antennas as I want to learn the limitations with them …

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Apr 23

Skywalker change radio configuration

I found the error that caused me to have no OSD overlay in the maiden FPV flight. The Elogger V3 needs external power if you do not connect any servo leads in/out to the Elogger. This causes ODS failure, but it keeps logging all valuable information. As I used the Ultrastick programming as guide for …

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Apr 23

Skywalker adjustments

After the 2 previous flights I have done a few changes to the Skywalker set-up. I have added the FPV gear (Video TX & camera+ gimbal) The Camera-equipment is powered by a separate Rhino 1050mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack. This LIPO is positioned behind the main LIPO on the bottom of the cargo bay. …

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Apr 22

Skywalker Maiden FPV

This is the 1st test with the FPV gear on the Skywalker. Initially I had some troubles…lots of things to take care of prior take off. I did a range check prior take off and simply walked away with the ground station wearing the goggles and my DX7 radio. This way I could easily see …

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Apr 18

Skywalker maiden

Skywalker maiden flight

I couldnt hold back – I maiden Skywalker today – great feeling. no FPV, no videolink – only Eagle Tree +gps for logging and GoPro HD for recording Here is the GPS route imported into Google Eardh 8km in 10 minutes is not bad for a maiden flight. ~2000mAh drained from a 5000mAh LIPO during …

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Apr 17

Skywalker remaining checklist

To keep track of things to do I decided to add this checklist Mount LED on wings 100% done Mount motor in elevated position (100% done – new plate done, epoxied and painted, hardware prepaired) Get some long screws to secure all horns(80% done – a few missing but horns mounted with at least 1 …

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Apr 15

Skywalker almost finished


The Skywalker build is almost finished. I had to redo all settings on the radio (changed program memory on radio) and I’m glad I found the stick-guide that I posted here earlier making this very simple. Now all channels are verified correct, all rudder surfaces are adjusted and it looks really flyable. But the motor …

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Apr 15

Skywalker measurements

Eagle Tree GUI

As I failed to log yesterdays motor test I was curious so I did it once more today. This time I had the connector between Eagle Tree elogger and OSD pro the right way (who came up with the idea to put connectors you can put in reverse) No damage done… The logs can be …

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Apr 14

Skywalker motor test

I decided to try the motor on my Skywalker TR 35-36A 1450kv Brushless Outrunner Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C I also recorded the short test with my GoPro HD and here is a short clip

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