May 2011 archive

May 30

Skywalker – some FPV

I went out to the field today – met a friend who flies a big YAK. talked a bit and hooked up my gear. 2 flights ~20-25 minutes each and we both enjoyed the 7″ LCD. The result can be seen here.

May 28

Latest purchase

Turnigy 9x

I ordered a few items from Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware) Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit – White (DIY) FrSky DHT 8ch DIY Telemetry Compatible Transmitter Module FrSky D8R 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver with Telemetery My intentions are a radio with external patch antenna

May 26

Skywalker modification

aluminium sheet 0.8mm Protective film

I did not like having the GoPro obstructing the view from my FPV camera. Time to do something to change this. How about cutting out a piece of the front making room for the camera? I drew the outline and used a sharp saw toothed knife in the kitchen. Now the camera has its own …

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May 26

VirtualDub Barrel video processing

I choose to write this guide to help out making great videos. Like before – convert GoPro-file with FFMPEG to have an uncompressed video. Download Deshaker plugin. put the .vdf-file in the plugins folder of VirtualDub. Also make sure you have Barrel plugin in the same folder. Here follows the steps of how to add …

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May 25

Test rendering

I continue the work to find the best way to render movies from my aerial adventures. This time I used FFMPEG tuo uncompress to a lossless video format with HUFFYUV codec. run FFMPEG like this: ffmpeg -i myVideo.mp4 -vcodec huffyuv -acodec libmp3lame myVideo.avi (the output file is very large) Nxst is to open myVideo.avi in …

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May 23

Turnigy 9X

Turnigy 9X

Look what landed on my kitchen table. A Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware) with Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit – White (DIY) All ordered from hobbycity to a fiend of mine. I do have plans to purchase 1 for myself as well with white LCD backlight and …

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May 22

Groundstation modification

Groundstation Video side

After being pissed off, having problems with the goggles(last flight) I decided to modify the ground-station a bit. On the Manfrotto Tripod(190b) I use I also have a ball head(108) The ball head is secured with 3 grub screws, M6 thread. I simply removed 1 of them and added an old Tricopter boom between a …

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May 20

Skywalker FPV and lost orientation

GPS path

I went out rather late today for a flight hoping the wind would settle a bit. I drove off from home after 20:00 and the sun went down behind some clouds at 21:00 so I flew most time after sunset. I put all gear together and tried the FPV-link. For some reason I got no …

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May 18

Video processing

In order to get the best result possible I decided to try some Deshaker filters. 1st test reveals poor performance from the built in stabilizer in Sony Vegas HD Platinum. 2nd test reveals several problems when I try to import my video clips into VirtualDub. The .mp4 format that is used by GoPro is not …

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May 17

Donations and ads

If you followed my site you notice that I have added a Paypal donate widget to the right column. I choose to do this so you, my readers and fellow RCflyers can contribute to my hobby and services. I also would like to ask you to be kind enough to click on a banner or …

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