July 2011 archive

Jul 31

Arduino Servo Multi Feature Reverser take 2

Film Cannister

This post is a follow-up to my earlier post about this gadget Here are some pictures of the creation – only missing is the speaker and soundcontroller but they also fit inside… 2 servo extenders cut in half. positive and ground are soldered to a small strip of Pertinax breadboard that acts like a power …

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Jul 29

Turnigy 9X modification summary

I have been posting in several forums about my modifications to the Turnigy 9X radio and this is a way to summarize all modifications. I started by purchasing items from HobbyKing: Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 1) (v2 Firmware) FrSky DHT 8ch DIY Telemetry Compatible Transmitter Module FrSky D8R-II 2.4Ghz …

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Jul 28

Sensors and a frame

Wii sensors

I got a box full of sensors today. I also got the Tricopter frame I ordered from Anspe.se. So I can start assembling some pieces.

Jul 27

Turnigy 9X mod completed

Telemetry TX/RX

I finally finished my Turnigy 9X mods. I had to purchase new soldering tips for my soldering iron as the one I had was pretty worn out. With a new tip I could solder the required petite wires to the Atmega chipset and to the surface mount resistors. I also soldered the RS232->TTL adaptor I …

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Jul 26

Arduino Servo Multi Feature Reverser

Hmm – not the best title for this gadget but what the heck 😀 As you might already know I have an Eurgle 3ch radio for my RC cars. A cheap but pretty gnarly radio for the $$ involved. One thing that I was not satisfied with is the 3rd channel that is ON/OFF only. …

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Jul 25

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

Today I had a pleasant conversation with the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. We were discussing permissions for lasers and similar items as I might use one in a project I’m currently involved in.

Jul 23

Complete Tricopter order

Boards from viacopter.eu

I have been contacted by an fellow RC enthusiast about delivering a Tricopter. I will order bits and pieces and make some tweaking and fine-tuning to the software to get the Tricopter as stable as possible. Here is a picture of the assembly of the multiwii-board The LED’s are both red and super bright. They …

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Jul 22

clouds FPV

I have made my decision. this is the final attempt of this recording. I have been editing this clip for some time and this time it feels really cool. Enjoy a trip with the Skywalker. Music is “Over the Rainbow” performed by Freddie Wadling.

Jul 19

KFM4 Alulah clone flying wing

Alula wing

I started to build a flying wing inspired by Alulah. The build is from 3mm Depron and I use a KFM4 Profile. That is 4 layers of Depron building up the profile at certain measures. Here are some measurements span 900mm cord at center 200mm cord at wingtip 110mm KFM4 at 75% 50% 25% A …

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Jul 14

MultiWii airplane mode

For quite some time I have been working on Airplane mode for the MultiWii code. By now I think I am finished and I must now find a platform that I can mount the board on. I have added 2 modes: Skywalker (elevator rudder and2 aileron servos) Easystar (elevator and rudder) If all tests are …

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