September 2011 archive

Sep 26

Skywalker flaps demonstration video and pictures

Normal view 0 flaps

Here are some pictures and a video to demonstrate my Skywalker flaps. I can add even more flaps if needed but I am pleased with the performance right now. I had no structural failures to wing, flaps or servo.(HXT900) In my opinion flaps is a great enhancer for aerial videos. They are not needed but …

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Sep 25

Skywalker sunset FPV

I managed to get some flights today but it was late and sun went down before I could take off… I attached a GoPro HD camera under the wing of the Skywalker and here are a few clips from a 28minute long flight.

Sep 20

New NIR camera

Here is the latest modified camera. I modified one of the new cameras. I remved the IRfilter in front of the chipset to get NIR light (Near Infra Red)

Sep 19

New FPV cameras arrived

The dirty assembly

Finally I got my new FPV cameras ordered directly from factory in China. Here are some unpacking pictures. 2 cameras. They have different housings for the lenses so they are only interchangeable with 90/120 degrees FOV. I simply ordered a spare 170 degree camera as well 😀 They are powered with 5 volts so I …

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Sep 17

Quadcopter IV tests

Acrobatic mode

I got some time to test the Quadcopter IV today. This image is during acrobatic settings i.e. not autostable.

Sep 14

Hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-22L

Finally! The Hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-22L are back in stock at HK. This means my orders will be shipped and I now can finish off my builds for clients. Talking about clients – I have an order of 10*10arms for *copters I will cut 2meters into useful lengths, 50cm to make them fit in …

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Sep 11

E-OSD test

I successfully connected, tested and configured the E-OSD from Hobbyking. The schematics can be seen in this post I simply soldered a few wires and hooked the OSD to my Sony handycam and my 42″ plasma. Now I wait for the cameras to arrive from China so I know how short I can cut and …

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Sep 06

Swift II slope soaring

Swift II airborne

I managed to get some time in the wind today – a strong wind from South-East onto the shoreline gave descent result despite the lack of hills. Only a small beach but it was clearly giving some lift. I flew with a 2200mAh LIPO like last time and ~15 minutes of flight drained 523mAh. The …

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Sep 05

Quadcopter mk IV

After the initial test of mk IV I flew at different locations with great result. The crashes – my attempts to flip with a slow RCrate ended up in a broken motor and a bent arm. but everything else survived. I tested the Quadkopter after a motor rebuild(parts from yet another broken motor) and it …

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Sep 05

Treat from Hobbyking

Turnigy Neckstrap

Sometimes you get a treat when you order from Hobbyking. It can be anything from a sheet of stickers to RC neck straps or similar items. This time I got a rear view mirror 🙂 Handy items when surfing Hobbyking for parts at work. I got several other treats from Hobbyking as well. The best …

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