October 2011 archive

Oct 22

T-copter update

I think I have to start the T-copter build once more 🙂 I want to use my camera gimbal and I want to get rid of visible propellers. Bring in the T! The T-copter will fit nicely here, a cool frame with lots of potential. I only have to order a bunch of ESC’s to …

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Oct 21

Quadcopter at Kalmar castle

I flew an early morning at our castle. To bad I had vibrations that ruined everything. It turned out that 1 of the arms was loose and could wiggle back and forth. I choose to upload the video anyway so you can see what happens.

Oct 20

Quadcopter weight

98 gram without velcro

By recent activity in the FliteTest forum I talked about weight and payload. I figured its about time I find out. I put my Quadcopter on my kitchen scale and added weight from 2 different LIPO’s and the GoPro HD. Here are the result: Quadcopter – 766gram 5000mah 3S – 404gram (either 5K or 2.2K) …

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Oct 17

Flite Test approved


What is a Canon Ixus 970I doing on a Tripod on its own? Is it alone? no it is in company with my Quadcopter, this image is from the GoProHD on top of it. Here are the images from the Ixus running a motion detection script and CHDK They have to be Flitetested right?

Oct 16

FPV Octocopter and Skywalker

Back in August we went out for a flight. Kesmi AB (Kenneth) and me, UndCon for a joint operation. We got up early and hoped to catch some cool aerials but there was strong winds and some mechanical problems. A gyro on the Octocopter camera rig was not working and the FPV link for the …

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Oct 12

Crazy Sukhoi fun flying

I browsed my video recordings and found clips from my local playground. I flew 5pcs 360mah 2S LIPO an evening in July with my Crazy Sukhoi designed by Claes Meijer. Here is a fun edit (partial speeded up, partial slowed down and partial reversed. This is a dedication to the Flying Circus that performed in …

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Oct 11

Camera gimbal evaluation

GoPro 2-axis gimbal BLACK version

I decided to give Jakub a go. He designed and built the GoPro 2-axis gimbal BLACK version This will be mounted to my Quadcopter for a stabilized camera. I hope I can mount it in a way that I remove arms and propellers from camera view. The MultiWii software has support for 2 servos counteracting …

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Oct 10

Quadcopter FPV pod

And some FPV gear behind

The Quadcopter will be fitted with a semi-pod for FPV flying. I will use parts from previous pod, A 5,8Ghz link, an E-OSD and the GoPro HD as camera (video out feed) Here are a few images to show my idea. I have to solder new wire harness, buy new angled connectors for 2.5mm video …

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Oct 10

Quadcopter GoPro HD camera mount

Camera mounted with Velcro and tape from top

After seeing my Quadcopter videos with almost no vibrations I have been asked many times how I mount my camera. I took a few pictures to show you the easiest way to do it. The Velcro is mounted directly to my Flyduino centerplates. Some Velcro is mounted beneath my GoPro and on the battery hatch …

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Oct 09

Quadcopter at the ruin

I had some nice time with my Quadcopter at a local ruin. An old building struck by lightning many many years ago. Here is some footage: