November 2011 archive

Nov 26

Turnigy 9X more mods

Did you think I was finished? There is a problem with the antenna connector. It fits the supplied FRSKY DIY antenna inside the original hole but the FRSKY patch antenna is bigger in diameter where you grip it to thread it onto the connector. The bigger diameter prevents it from slipping into the stock hole. …

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Nov 25

Severe lumbago

I think I got Severe Lumbago again. Massive pain in my lower back…I dislocated a disc a little. I cannot work at the moment and almost all work at home halted as well. If I’m lucky I can do some soldering at least but I have no no strength for the workshop.

Nov 25

Turnigy 9X/frsky PPM

I have been working to get the PPM signal working on my Turnigy 9X with FRSKY diy module. I found out that the receiver (D8R-II) needs to be flashed/reprogrammed to enable PPM out. I purchased a FRSKY UPGRADE LITE and a D4FR receiver from GiantCod in UK.Fast chipping, great service and in stock! Great – …

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Nov 18

Quadcopter rebuild

After the crash I stripped the Quadcopter down for maintenance. I have made a few improvements and re-soldering of wires. Removed the Remote switch and added AUX2 to MultiWii instead. This disables the option for a buzzer but as I have an external LIPO alarm I do not need the buzzer connected to MultiWii. Now …

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Nov 15

Quadcopter crash


I crashed the Quadcopter today. damages are so far 1 GoProHD lens and 1 propeller – and I think I have to replace the alloy arms as well…Camera gimbal seems OK, motors and ESC’s seems OK so far and I think my CD cakebox saved the electronics in the crash. Here is a picture of …

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Nov 13

Crazy Sukhoi completed

Today I finished and maidened the Crazy Sukhoi. Flies like a dream.

Nov 10

Autopartner Crazy Sukhoi buildlog part II

I have been working on the Crazy Sukhoi a few times. Here are a few more updates – I hope the pictures says it all…I like Lego 😀 Here are some pictures:

Nov 10

MultiWii 1.9 released

A few days ago “Alexinparis” announced the release of v 1.9 of the now famous MultiWii code. There was a few small bugs corrected after the release and it now seems much more stable. I had some issues regarding auto level mode and my initial tests on 4 different boards show none of them errors …

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Nov 07

Autopartner Crazy Sukhoi buildlog

I had some spare time after dinner so I started the assembly of the Crazy Sukhoi from autopartner. I think you know by now that I was very happy with my previous build and there is going to be no difference this time I assure you. This time i will make minor mods to improve …

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Nov 06

r.i.p. crazy sukhoi

Today the Crazy Sukhoi met the creator. It now has a special place on cloud no. 7. It has been repaired many times since I 1st started to fly with this model last season. The nose has been rebuilt 3 times and the wing has been broken for the last 3 weeks. The tail skid …

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