January 2012 archive

Jan 28

MultiWii airplane mode

I am currently testing the MultiWii airplane mode. Early stages of testing shows some really cool features. There are a few things for me to find out and if I mount MultiWii on my Skywalker or a new platform like Bixler is still unknown. The goal for Skywalker is more autonomous so its going to …

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Jan 26

More Turnigy 9x ideas

I am currently going thru all options for ArduPlane that I intend to use in my Skywalker. I want to keep my current setup on the Skywalker – a 4 servo wing requiring 4 channels. This way I do not have to reverse any servo internally or change setup if I want to go back …

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Jan 24


GPS connected

Today I got a parcel from DiyDrones. I ordered a GPS for the ArduPilotMega and Oilpan shiled I have. The GPS makes it possible to use more features of the board including adding waypoints(UAW) and return to home if signal is lost. It will be incorporated into the Skywalker as soon as I get time …

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Jan 06

Swift II LED pictures

Without flash

I was asked to explain how I did the LED modifications. Here are more images to show how the LED-strips are inserted into the foam. The winglet LED’s (red and green) are mounted with the supplied sticky-tape this way the red and green does not make the foam glow but they are more directional. This …

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Jan 02

Swift II night

I took the Swift II for a short flight to demonstrate how effective the LED’s are in air.