March 2012 archive

Mar 30

MultiWii 2.0 tests

I completed 3 long flights today with the latest software, MultiWii 2.0. Tests was done with my 5000mAh LIPO’s and I flew about 15 minutes on each LIPO. They are worn and in bad shape since last summer and I think I need to buy new ones. This time I will go for higher C …

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Mar 26

MultiWii 2.0

Finally 2.0 of the now world famous MultiWii software is released. It includes several bug fixes, more support for hardware and improved code. I ahve uploaded the final 2.0 release to both my Paris V4 boards – both have genuine sensors, Nunchuck and WiimotionPlus – 1 board is equipped with a BMP085 sensor as well. …

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Mar 24

Funny LIPO’s

Ready for the incinerator

Here are some images from a couple of old 2200mAh LIPO’s 1 puffed (2 outer cells swollen) and 1 undamaged. The damaged cells are now disposed and the 1 cell that is intact has new JST connector to it. It means I have a 1S 2200mAh LIPO Instead of a broken 3S.

Mar 24

Bixler motor replacement

Wires goes on top

I started some work on the Bixler. 2 long screws holds the motor in place – simply undo both and gently pull out the long wires if they are stuck in glue under the motor mount. The 2826 fits if you remove minor parts of the foam. I made a small groove for the wires …

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Mar 24

MultiWii airplane guide


PatrikE wrote a good summary how to get MultiWii running for your airplane. Here is the text from his article. How to setup a Multiwii Airplane Same Hardware as a MultiWii copter. Arduino PRO MINI. 5V 16MHz – Gyro Ex Nintendo Wii motion plus. – Accelerometer Ex Nintendo Nunchuck.(Optional) Acc only needed for Auto leveling. …

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Mar 23

Bixler arrivals

I have been waiting long time for misc parts for the Bixler build. Finally the Motor/ESC arrived and I can now start assembling the fuselage. I have plans for a shelf that fits inside the fuselage – under the wing so it can be a mounting plate for Receiver, UBEC, OSD or other items. I …

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