June 2012 archive

Jun 29

RC progress

The work on Bixler is slow 🙂 Yesterday I soldered new wires to the ESC that allows me to route the connector down into the battery compartment. I have been thinking a lot about a pod that fits all gear and I actually ordered a pod from Diydrones that can house the ardupilot/oilpan electronics including …

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Jun 26

Quad450 FPV

A few days ago I was testing the smallish FPV gear on my 450-Quad. The kit worked OK -I used stock antennas and will try again with cloverleaf/ Skew planar. The weather was windy and the sun was setting – far from optimal for a maiden FPV flight but you know you can’t hold back… …

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Jun 25

Bixler progress

i did some work on my Bixler yesterday. I soldered the ESC and tested the prop and direction. 50% chance of hitting the correct direction and I was wrong. undo 2 wires between motor and ESC and solder them back again – this time I used shrink tube on every solder. I did some tests …

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Jun 21

Skywalker hit the Power lines

When flying at my local rc field (FPV) I managed to hit the nearby power lines. They broke the fuselage of the Skywalker pretty bad but the wing is intact. I hope all electronics survived.

Jun 17

15k resistor

15K resistor

I have been looking for a 15K resistor so I can connect the VTX-battery to my EagleTree v3 Logger. A long time ago my brother gave me a plastic bag full of various resistors, I was looking in the bag and I found a few that I wanted to measure as the tolerances allow a …

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Jun 12

Skywalker video with treetop crash

Here is the video from the treetop crash. Lots of water spraying in the beginning, trying to catch some rainbows(no treasure found) It ends up with the crash…

Jun 11

Bixler progress

I have been lazy – not posting the progress – thanks David 😉 The other day I glued the fuselage with some crappy super glue but it did not work properly making a very brittle joint. I twisted and bent a bit on the fuselage and they were 2 parts again. now I use UHU …

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Jun 11

Skywalker FPV into a tree

The rescue squad

I had to do some tests with the 5.8Ghz and 1.2Ghz video-links. It was very windy and I had some issue/no range with the 5.8Ghz video so I landed and swapped for the 1.2Ghz instead – working like a charm, possible even better as I added a filter to remove harmonics. Having some fun flying …

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Jun 09

5.8Ghz link arrived

I got the new 5.8Ghz video link a few days ago – It is actually the same as the one I bought from HobbyKing but they were Backordered again. This one came from DPCAV who had them in stock (same brand) Now I can enjoy diversity on the 5.8Ghz link when I connect both receivers …

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Jun 07

Screen layout

I have been looking thru the statistics of visitors and was thinking of changing the layout of the site a bit. This design/theme is quite good but I want to use the full width of my screens at work. The current theme is static and I want a flexible design that adapts to various widths. …

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