July 2012 archive

Jul 29

450 repair

I tried to repair the broken 450 arm with Epoxy glue. It held up good in flight but 1 rough landing on that arm broke up the area again. Epoxy does not good job on this. I need something that fuses the parts together again so I will buy some Humbrol glue used for plastic …

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Jul 26

450Quad crashes

During my latest fun flying session I crashed 12 times. Mostly due to a new throttle curve and partly due to wrong PID’s in use. Here is a video It was fun and I broke 2 propellers and a new arm for the 450Quad. The cloverleaf antenna can be repaired again -a solder gave up.

Jul 23

FPV Quad450 crash

I crashed the Quad450 yesterday A new render is on its way with 15 crashes in 15 minutes 😀

Jul 17

450Quad fun FPV at an old factory

I changed a few settings on the 450Quad in order to make it more stable. With tweaked PID values it is now very smooth, new propellers also help reducing vibrations to a minimum. I shot a video at the loading dock of the factory. 1 gate was open and I flew inside with a very …

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Jul 15

Tricopter or Tcopter build

I got a few items back that I lend to a friend. They are parts from my DIY Quadcopter: motors, esc’s, paris board etc. Now I have parts to build a Tricopter or T-copter. My goal with this build is to have a clear view for the GoPro and a stable platform for aerial videos. …

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Jul 10

Parts arriving

Quad PCB mounting

I quickly assembled the DiyDrones Bixler pod with some superglue and accelerator. Some white smoke fumes to remove but it was a rush 😉 I also got the propellers from Flyduino 10*4.5 is suitable for my Quadcopter motors and ESC’s The black ones are carbon reinforced so they should be a little stiffer than usual …

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Jul 05

New parts

I ordered a lot new items for the hobby. To start off I ordered from DIYDrones: Bixler/SkySurfer Electronics Chassis (2 axis Camera Mount NOT included). This pod is special to fit Ardupilot/Oilpan electronics that I have. I also ordered a new FPV camera from securitycamera2000: 690TVL Ultra WDR Pixim SEAWOLF HD CCTV Mini Camera 2.8mm …

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Jul 03

450Quad FPV

I met up with a friend who also flies FPV and this flight turned into a demonstration of FPV rather than having fun due to a crowd who came by to have a look at the groundstation monitor. I ended up in a tree breaking a propeller.