August 2012 archive

Aug 28

Bixler FPV gear added

Depron Mount

I took the time to add the FPV gear for the next flights. I will not use the goggles but the FPV gear will be there – powered on to show if there are any problems. I will record everything on the groundstation. I will also make the changes to ArduPlane I mentioned in a …

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Aug 25

Bixler Arduplane waypoint navigation

arduplane navigation

This is my Bixler pod from DiyDrones, A small shelf to hold the GoPro was temporarily glued to the top where the FPV gear will be positioned Today we went out to the local RC field to test Arduplane some more. I set up a waypoint route and home in APM and programmed the Arduplane …

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Aug 18

Bixler day 2


This is the 2nd day I fly the Bixler I mounted the pod with a Gopro to see how it handles the added weight. There was some breeze in the air – coming straight from the sun. I tested the gliding performance as well and it really soars. A video is here – parts from …

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Aug 13

Electronic failures

There seems to be more issues with the Skywalker than I expected. Some of the servos does not respond at all and some are jittery. To avoid any interferences I use a small servo tester but the problems still exists. The fuselage is repaired and should be OK for some time but I ma pretty …

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Aug 12

Arduplane issue

As the maiden flight of the Bixler was so successful I could continue mounting the Ardupilot/Oilpan to the pod for the Bixler. I installed and configured the software but for some reason the aileron on channel1 does not work. I have ordered a new (more updated version) of the ArdupilotMega board that seems broken. Hopefully …

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Aug 08


I am currently on vacation but I ordered a ERSKY9X board. A replacement for the current PCB in the TGY9X radio. Do I need this… … no but it it always fun to play with new stuff. The ERSKY9X board has tons of great features.

Aug 04

ER9X all in

I added more features to my Bixler programming. I added 2 curves. 1st is to handle some mixer with elevator as the plane climbs when I throttle up and the 2nd is to add some EXPO to rudder surfaces. All this is untested so far but it looks OK in EEPE software. Hopefully this will …

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Aug 02

Bixler Maiden


I successfully maidened the Bixler today. It was the simplest setup, the RX was taped to the fuselage and a 2200mAh Nano-Tech LIPO was attached to the bottom with some Velcro. I added a small flashlight as nose-weight to balance the Bixler and it worked perfectly. I launched in front of 1 of my RC …

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