Feb 17

News in the hangar

Sorry for not being so active! I have been busy and the flying times has been very limited 2014 in total.

To start off I sold the Bixler2 to a friend who needs an FPV plane.

I purchased a 2nd hand Skywalker…It is in fact never assembled and still brand new. This plane will be an FPV rig with waypoint navigation – just like my Bixler1 with APM(1.0)

Last time I flew my Skywalker I used EagleTree and I was very pleased with them.
For this rig I will most likely use an APM (Pixhawk?) and It will most likely have multiple camera choices on board.

I also purchased a 2nd hand ELF (1 meter DLG) built by Vladimir. A great little DLG, lighter than my Hobbyking DLG and equipped with 2 Dymond-47’s

Now I might strip the HK-version from the voltage step-up…


For FPV I use the Skyzone FPV goggles with 2 Clovers mounted (lhcp and rhcp) or 1 clover and a biquad.

I have sold some 450 quad parts and I might continue do so…lack of time and interests I suppose.