Mar 02


More updates on the Skywalker.

The Skywalker came with NTM PRop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W

This motor will swing a 9*6 Graupner CAM folding (same as my old Skywalker) but with a new hub as this motor has a larger axle diameter. (I got  a new hub from a friend)

This motor is good for 4S as opposed to my old Turnigy 35-36 1450Kv motor that was only good for 2-3S

The ESC (again, same as the old Skywalker) is good for 3-4S so it can handle the load.
It is an OPTO version so an external BEC is required to feed servos and stuff on 5Volts
To feed 5volts I have a Castle Creation 10A UBEC – more than enough.

This fuselage is already glued together and the tail servos are installed (Hitech’s) and this makes it a bit harder to plan the layout.

I have some navigation-lights I will include, all wires needs extensions…


Some things I’m considering…APM 1.0 is what I have in my Bixler1 – how about I use this in the Skywalker

(to be honest – how much will I use the Bixler1 when I have the Skywalker?)

I have a camera ready to be mounted facing down…A Canon running CHDK for interval photos.

I do need to buy 4S LIPO’s to power the motor. The video will be connected to 3S as well as the UBEC so they are separated to avoid interference’s and to add some failsafe if the ESC burns out.


How about an Orange LRS receiver in this? I have 1 spare…
1.3 or 5.8 for video?
Don’t know – I will go for modularity i.e lets me choose what I want.

Some servos to go….I have a bunch of Turnigy MG servos ready to be mounted in the wing.