Jun 24

This summer…

Rainy and windy is what it is….not the best summer so fat.

A week ago I went out flying the Natrix DLG and the ELF DLG and it was quite cool – until I totally wrecked the Natrix.

I got a good throw , good feeling and all and it went up in a nice angle. When I tried to level out nothing happened – it was totally unresponsive to my inputs.
The plane looped back and went hard into the ground broke the fuselage in 2 pieces and tore the fin again.


Picking up the pieces walking the shame back to the car start tossing the ELF instead. While doing a couple of throws I was thinking what went wrong in the Natrix – I suspect loss of power so if the battery or the receiver was loose inside it might be disconnected. Hard to tell – as they were both loose after the hard impact.

The wing is fairly intact so I will keep it and might try to fit it to another DLG fuselage. The electronics also seems fine. 2 Dymond D60 in the wing and a D47 for elevator. The receiver is OK as well as the LIPO and the altimeter.

I went searching for a 2nd hand replacement for the Natrix and A few hours I had a message from kajakmannen on Facebook. 1 Altivolus will be mine on Thursday.

The Altivolus is top-notch DLG – a true competition model.