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Sep 18

DLG Taranis setup

For some it is a huge task to program your Taranis radio. A DLG has some specific features that can be tricky so the best option is to search for at RCgroups for a suitable guide. Didn’t take long to find a specific program for my 3 channel DLG, 2 ailerons and elevator. Now you …

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Sep 08

Don’t worry

HI! Don’t worry! Things are happening behind the scenes but you don’t know about it 🙂 It seems that I do not fly as much as I used to – well, on the personal agenda it dropped a bit due to bad weather most of the time, but for other areas things are moving along. …

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Jul 02


I met up with one of the designers/builders/creators of the Altivolus. Purchased a 2nd hand version (numbered #1) and went back home. Once home (it was a 3.5 hour drive single way) I started to configure my programming in the Taranis. A bit later than expected I was finished so I went out at 22:00 …

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Jun 24

This summer…

Rainy and windy is what it is….not the best summer so fat. A week ago I went out flying the Natrix DLG and the ELF DLG and it was quite cool – until I totally wrecked the Natrix. I got a good throw , good feeling and all and it went up in a nice …

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Apr 23

2X LKTR250 at Kohagen

I have been flying with markusb in a meadow near his house. I have been flying the LKTR250 a lot but I didn’t make any videos from the flights. Here is a video from the latest flight with markusb.

Mar 02


More updates on the Skywalker. The Skywalker came with NTM PRop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W This motor will swing a 9*6 Graupner CAM folding (same as my old Skywalker) but with a new hub as this motor has a larger axle diameter. (I got  a new hub from a friend) This motor is …

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Feb 17

News in the hangar

Hello! Sorry for not being so active! I have been busy and the flying times has been very limited 2014 in total. To start off I sold the Bixler2 to a friend who needs an FPV plane. I purchased a 2nd hand Skywalker…It is in fact never assembled and still brand new. This plane will be …

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Oct 20

LKTR250 aluminium arms

LKTR250 parts

Here are all parts for my LKTR250 Quad. I decided to make new arms from 10*10mm aluminium instead of 3d printed ones. I took measures from the 3d printed arms and used the same hole spacing. This way I can choose between them 2. THe aluminium arms have 2 holes so I can extend the …

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Sep 30

Natrix F3K new heights


This is todays altimeters from my Natrix F3K (DLG) A new personal best with 52 meters.

Sep 17

Gopro Hero 3 Black – Teardown

GoPro hero 3 usb connector

I have to admit that the LKTR250 frame and my GoPro Hero3 black camera are not quite compatible. The frame is a bit narrow and the GoPro has to be the worst camera in the world regarding aerodynamics as it has the largest surface facing forward. Imagine a GoPro Hero with the lens on the …

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