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Sep 08

Don’t worry

HI! Don’t worry! Things are happening behind the scenes but you don’t know about it 🙂 It seems that I do not fly as much as I used to – well, on the personal agenda it dropped a bit due to bad weather most of the time, but for other areas things are moving along. …

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Jun 24

This summer…

Rainy and windy is what it is….not the best summer so fat. A week ago I went out flying the Natrix DLG and the ELF DLG and it was quite cool – until I totally wrecked the Natrix. I got a good throw , good feeling and all and it went up in a nice …

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Feb 17

News in the hangar

Hello! Sorry for not being so active! I have been busy and the flying times has been very limited 2014 in total. To start off I sold the Bixler2 to a friend who needs an FPV plane. I purchased a 2nd hand Skywalker…It is in fact never assembled and still brand new. This plane will be …

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Apr 10

Hubsan FPV H107D


I was very happy when I got my Hubsan FPV delivered from What ended up on my desk was the Hubsan and FPV radio with built in monior that I started to rebuild right away (I’m a geek OK)   All was OK – then it was time to fly and I did the …

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Feb 27

MYVU Original Black for sale

I am selling my FPV video goggles that are still working perfect. They are Myvu Original black and have a great picture. They feature the same or equal specs as many newer goggles from Fatshark and similar brands.   I still have the original case and a soft pouch to store them in.

Feb 24

Hubsan FPV X4

Hubsan FPV X4

I ordered a Hubsan FPV X4 for some fun indoor flying FPV The unit including receiver with built in monitor is on its way from China.

Jan 21

Winter update

A short winter update… We went off to fly indoors at the big event held in January. It was great fun to meet up with old and new friends. I started to rebuild my Swift II for some fun FPV flying. If you remember I tested FPV with it long time ago…Now I have a …

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May 25 visiting the local boat exhibition.

I got the time to visit the local boat exhibition. During that time I met a few interesting people. I had a chat with the locals from Sea and Rescue, firefighters and who fabricate seagoo, a rov. The rov is very easy to control and there was a competition on manoeuvre the rov that …

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Jan 28

Lazy days

Long time no posts! I know I have not been updating the pages for some time. Being busy with work and family + the addition of cold weather is the cause. As my storage/ shed is barely insulated it is just as cold inside as it is outside. This prevents me from working there during …

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Jun 29

RC progress

The work on Bixler is slow 🙂 Yesterday I soldered new wires to the ESC that allows me to route the connector down into the battery compartment. I have been thinking a lot about a pod that fits all gear and I actually ordered a pod from Diydrones that can house the ardupilot/oilpan electronics including …

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