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Sep 18

DLG Taranis setup

For some it is a huge task to program your Taranis radio. A DLG has some specific features that can be tricky so the best option is to search for at RCgroups for a suitable guide. Didn’t take long to find a specific program for my 3 channel DLG, 2 ailerons and elevator. Now you …

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May 27

5.8 antennas done

Looks OK

Today it was Eurovision song contest – there is no better opportunity than solder some antennas – yes I know we won… I soldered a Cloverleaf and a Skewplanar antenna for my 5.8Ghz videolink. Soldering the antennas is kind of tricky when you have no jig or fixture to hold your wires with. I only …

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May 18

Turnigy 9X battery mod

All connectors

Some time ago I ordered Lithium Ion batteries @2400mAh I soldered them into a 2S battery that replaces my current 900mAh 2S LIPO in the Turnigy 9X radio. I added connectors for charging as well as balancing but my old charger does not like these batteries. The crappy charger I got bundled with the Lama …

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May 09

450 v2 frame conclusion

I want to sum up my initial thoughts about the 450 v2 clone from RcTimer. The frame is nice, well finished and the parts fits well together. The kit comes with a rather crappy hex and you should apply some blue Loctite to make sure the screws do not fall off. They are rather special. …

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Mar 24

MultiWii airplane guide


PatrikE wrote a good summary how to get MultiWii running for your airplane. Here is the text from his article. How to setup a Multiwii Airplane Same Hardware as a MultiWii copter. Arduino PRO MINI. 5V 16MHz – Gyro Ex Nintendo Wii motion plus. – Accelerometer Ex Nintendo Nunchuck.(Optional) Acc only needed for Auto leveling. …

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Mar 23

Bixler arrivals

I have been waiting long time for misc parts for the Bixler build. Finally the Motor/ESC arrived and I can now start assembling the fuselage. I have plans for a shelf that fits inside the fuselage – under the wing so it can be a mounting plate for Receiver, UBEC, OSD or other items. I …

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Jan 06

Swift II LED pictures

Without flash

I was asked to explain how I did the LED modifications. Here are more images to show how the LED-strips are inserted into the foam. The winglet LED’s (red and green) are mounted with the supplied sticky-tape this way the red and green does not make the foam glow but they are more directional. This …

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Nov 10

Autopartner Crazy Sukhoi buildlog part II

I have been working on the Crazy Sukhoi a few times. Here are a few more updates – I hope the pictures says it all…I like Lego 😀 Here are some pictures:

Nov 07

Autopartner Crazy Sukhoi buildlog

I had some spare time after dinner so I started the assembly of the Crazy Sukhoi from autopartner. I think you know by now that I was very happy with my previous build and there is going to be no difference this time I assure you. This time i will make minor mods to improve …

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Aug 05

Flyduino parts from aeronautikhobby

A friend of mine at aeronautikhobby is sending me an Flyduino shield along with some Flyduino plates for evaluation. I will build a new QuadCopter based on the Flyduino parts and see if I am saticfied with them or not. The goal is a complete Quadcopter for yet another customer. The only specific need is …

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