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Aug 19

LKTR250 FPV at the sawmill

In this clip I fly with my good friend MarkusB. We both have LKTR250’s and we are using frequencies so we can fly together without interrupting each other allowing us to create fun clips like this.     The topmost video is my view – watch MarkusB video below

Aug 19


Here is 1 of the first FPV flights I did with the LKTR250 once I configured it to my liking’s     I really like the Naze32 Afro mini controller from Abusemark (thanks Timecop)

Jun 24

LKTR250 altitude test

  I only have a small piece of cotton-pad on the altimeter sensor. As it looks this works great. Now I have to finish the FPV rig for this.

Jun 22

LKTR250 / Hovership MHQ testflight

Here is the short testflight I did with stock values on everything.     The LIPO was bad to begin with (beeping alert). It was kinda windy as you can see on the trees and bushes but most important I now know that I have to increase some PID’s as it was sluggish in response. …

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Apr 10

Hubsan FPV H107D


I was very happy when I got my Hubsan FPV delivered from What ended up on my desk was the Hubsan and FPV radio with built in monior that I started to rebuild right away (I’m a geek OK)   All was OK – then it was time to fly and I did the …

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Feb 27

MYVU Original Black for sale

I am selling my FPV video goggles that are still working perfect. They are Myvu Original black and have a great picture. They feature the same or equal specs as many newer goggles from Fatshark and similar brands.   I still have the original case and a soft pouch to store them in.

Aug 01

Bottorps Hamn / Sweden

I went out for a flight over water. I thing more than 90% of this is over open water and it is performed at a place I visited lots of times when I was a kid.

Jun 12

New Pixim camera arrived

Stock lens and Night Vision

I ordered a new Pixim Seawolf from securitycamera2000. The camera arrived the same day as my Night lenses ordered a few weeks ago 🙂 Thank you guys for a great service! I mounted the Night lens on the camera for some initial tests, camera was connected to my 42″ plasma…2 lenses arrived – one will …

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Jun 12

Bixler Arduplane auto navigation 1Km

I was out testing Arduplane even more the other day. I added a route following a few simple waypoints but extended the range even further. in my previous test I was verifying OpenLRSng with 1280mhx video. This was an extension to that. I think the waypoint at most was about 1Km away. During this flight …

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Jan 31

Växjö indoor meeting


I was at the yearly indoor event in Tipshallen in Växjö / Sweden. It was as usual a great time with lots of pilots. Airplanes, helicopters and multirotors at a great location. Here is a video from the event – filmed by theNilsson /Växjö. You can see me 2 times ~1:35 working on my …

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