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In mods I post various modifications on exisiting items.

Sep 17

Gopro Hero 3 Black – Teardown

GoPro hero 3 usb connector

I have to admit that the LKTR250 frame and my GoPro Hero3 black camera are not quite compatible. The frame is a bit narrow and the GoPro has to be the worst camera in the world regarding aerodynamics as it has the largest surface facing forward. Imagine a GoPro Hero with the lens on the …

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May 22

HoverShip LKTR250 Mashup

Parts have been arriving to the 250Quad I’m currently working on. It is a mahsup between Hovership MHQ and LKTR250 I cut out the frame from PCB’s stripped from Copper. Templates was cut and clued onto the sheet of fiberglass. I used a Hegner MultiCut2 to cut out the parts and then I painted the frame. …

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May 09

250 Quad

I have started to build a 250Quad for faster funflying and bashing. It will be a mix between Hovership MHQ and LKTR250. Plates will be cut from stripped PCB-boards. 4 plates in total and rubber dampers will be used “QAV-style” Parts ordered are Motors, ESC’s and propellers. Parts not ordered are flightcontrollers as I have …

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Mar 12

Tiny LIPO’s

The tiny LIPO’s I ordered have arrived from Hobbyking. They are aimed at the mini-DLG and the Hubsan FPV I ordered from banggood. Crap I told them to deliver the parcel with Camels travelling over the Silkroad…but I can wait – no problem…I can wait….C’mon camels – speed up. Use that pacer at full speed.   …

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Mar 08

Mini-DLG accident

Yesterday i had a service-technician at my house to repair the tumble-dyer and dishwasher. He managed to get my Mini-DLG fall to the floor and the lower pod is cracked in 3 places…As it is currently being rebuilt anyway I might just as well try to make my own pod from some thin plastic sheet …

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Mar 06

Mini-DLG updates


I found a small crack in the CF-boom so I have to repair this. My version of the Mini-DLG also sports the old blue servo’s so I bought 4 Emax servos from Banggood. They are the same as newer Mini-DLG are delivered with. Long delivery later but they ended up at my desk. The tail …

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Jan 21

Winter update

A short winter update… We went off to fly indoors at the big event held in January. It was great fun to meet up with old and new friends. I started to rebuild my Swift II for some fun FPV flying. If you remember I tested FPV with it long time ago…Now I have a …

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Nov 05

Mini DLG more features


I ordered a TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & RX and a Altimeter from Hobbyking They are now neatly tucked into the pod of the mini DLG along with a 1S LIPO. The 1S LIPOS I made from a 2S 460mAh Nano-tech is a bit to wide to fit nice so I ordered some 1S 300mAh Nano-tech‘s instead. …

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Jul 23

FPV updates

During this summer I had numerous problems. A long running problem has been that I do not always get video feed working. I have been forced to reconnect the video transmitter several times and eventually I have been giving up and went home. After a few talks to a friend of mine It turned out …

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Jun 18

I am a chicken

Today I went out for a longer flight-path – following my series of tests….I placed a waypoint at 2.2Km – over my dad’s house to be specific…It is 2.2Km to the RC field to his house. When I reached about 1.7-1.8Km I got some video trouble – I lost image totally and I went left …

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