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Sometimes I only test things if it really work out. Often I have some intention with the test but it can aslo be of plain interrest.

Sep 08

Don’t worry

HI! Don’t worry! Things are happening behind the scenes but you don’t know about it ­čÖé It seems that I do not fly as much as I used to – well, on the personal agenda it dropped a bit due to bad weather most of the time, but for other areas things are moving along. …

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Mar 02


More updates on the Skywalker. The Skywalker came with NTM PRop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W This motor will swing a 9*6 Graupner CAM folding (same as my old Skywalker) but with a new hub as this motor has a larger axle diameter. (I got ┬áa new hub from a friend) This motor is …

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Oct 20

LKTR250 aluminium arms

LKTR250 parts

Here are all parts for my LKTR250 Quad. I decided to make new arms from 10*10mm aluminium instead of 3d printed ones. I took measures from the 3d printed arms and used the same hole spacing. This way I can choose between them 2. THe aluminium arms have 2 holes so I can extend the …

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Sep 11

Natrix F3K update


Now that I feel confident with the Natrix I resoldered a few┬áservoleads. There is no point having 2 positive and 2 negative wires from the wing to the receiver. A quick solder later I removed 2 15cm wires and now I have a free’d up htem 2 wires on a servoport so I can add …

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Sep 10

Natrix F3K DLG

I have purchased a used Natrix F3K carbon fiber DLG. here is the first attempts with a proper DLG.

Jul 04

LKTR250 Tests

My test with the LKTR250 / Hoovership MHQ is continuing. As I am new to the Afro MIni controller from Abusemark┬áI have some reading to do. With the extra added weight of FPV gear the Quad gets a bit wobbly so I have to adjust the PID’s a bit more. Yesterday I finished soldering the …

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Jun 22

LKTR250 / Hovership MHQ testflight

Here is the short testflight I did with stock values on everything.     The LIPO was bad to begin with (beeping alert). It was kinda windy as you can see on the trees and bushes but most important I now know that I have to increase some PID’s as it was sluggish in response. …

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Jun 21


Today I found out that I have to activate PPM signal on the Nazeboard to enable it (doh!) If I want to change pinout I also have to activate SERVO-TILT   Configuring a Naze controller is done in GUI (or CLI) from the Google Chrome app called Baseflight Depending on board you use an FTDI …

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Jun 20

MiniQuad progress

Im working on the miniQuad. It is fully assembled and tested with multiWii but I had some strange behaviours that Ive never had on any MuliWii before. I ordered a AfroMini 32 from I have it configured on my desk but I have some issues related to PPM signal. The PPM signal i OK …

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May 22

HoverShip LKTR250 Mashup

Parts have been arriving to the 250Quad I’m currently working on. It is a mahsup between Hovership MHQ┬áand LKTR250 I cut out the frame from PCB’s stripped from Copper. Templates was cut and clued onto the sheet of fiberglass. I used a Hegner MultiCut2 to cut out the parts and then I painted the frame. …

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