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Aileron / Flaps with DX7

As the manual can be hard to understand I think we need more guides to tell people how to program the DX7. As I will use 4 servos on my Skywalker I had to find out how to program the DX7-radio. This assumes you connect AR7000 like this: Ch. 1 Throttle Ch. 2 Right Aileron …

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Hexacopter with Spektrum DX7

I will add all configs to the Hexacopter on this page. I include software settings (MultiWii) as well as radio settings (DX7 programming) 1st I will make the Hexacoipter fly smootly in acro and stable mode – I have to alter some jumper settings on my multiwii-boards supplied by Jussi at (If I’m going …

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MultiWii – why and how

What is MultiWii? What can MultiWii do? How much does it cost? Common questions I hear many times about this software. MultiWii is a software founded by AlexinParis on RC Groups The software helps and aids in stability for a flying vessel – I do not specify type(plane/multi-rotor) as the soft is still under development …

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Quadcopter with Spektrum DX7

Soon I will add my programming for the quadcopter, but this is much easier – it needs only 4channels (THRO, AILE, ELEV, RUDD) and optionally 5th and 6th channel for changing flightmodes or turning sensors on/off I use the 3 position lever (Flaps) for this – very convenient. All channels used must be set to …

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Tricopter with Spektrum DX7

CONFIG IS CHANGED! If I change the settings I will also update this page. If you try things like this It might not work out for you – be advised. The current configuring on my Spektrum DX7 is: Heli mode with Swash 120 CCPM Input Select AUX2 = AUX2 and GEAR = GYRO We start …

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