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MultiWii – why and how

  • What is MultiWii?
  • What can MultiWii do?
  • How much does it cost?

Common questions I hear many times about this software.

MultiWii is a software founded by AlexinParis on RC Groups
The software helps and aids in stability for a flying vessel – I do not specify type(plane/multi-rotor) as the soft is still under development and more features are added as I type. Compared to my 1st Tricopter based on 4 HK401B gyros (A common approach) this is much better and also cheap using commonly available Wii parts.

The software also has 2 outputs for servos so you can have a camera always horizontal (or to your liking) independent of your manoeuvres in air.

To start you need an Arduino Pro mini(the motherboard/processor/memory), a FTDI adapter so you can program the Arduino using an USB cable.

To this you need a sensor, a 3 axis gyro (this replaces 4 HK401gyros alone) and in comes the WiiMotionPlus.
A cheap wii-addon that has a 3axis gyro inside.

Now you need your flying vessel and your TX/RX of minimum 4 channels.

That’s it!

See totally awesome videos by great pilots like Warthox using this setup above on his Quad/Hexa/Y6-vessels

However – if you want to step up in flying vessel abilities you need to add more sensors.
If you want auto level feature you need to add a Wii Nunchuck as well (still very cheap)

With this you also get the feature of camera gimbals – holds camera level by 2 servos.
This can also be done with 4 channels but if you add 1 or 2 you can have more options by turning features on and off.

I will try to keep this page as simple as possible and if there is something you don’t know what it is Please post a comment and I’ll explain even more


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    • Magnus on September 24, 2011 at 18:45

    Är texten ovan hela giuden?



  1. Hej!

    Det är grundläggande – men jag håller med om att jag borde fylla på med lite mer text. I stora drag så är det detta som är viktigast. Vill du läsa mer kan du hoppa över till där skaparen har samlat ihop en hel del information. Det finns också ett forum där med samlad info och utveckling.


    • Benny on December 12, 2011 at 21:15


    Jag undrar ifall du fortfarande har någa IR-pennor till salu. Skulle vilja köpa ett isåfal, maila mig. Vi hörs.

    MVH Benny.

  2. Hej!
    Jag har tyvärr inte haft IR-dioder hemma på länge
    Du kan köpa IR LED’s på tex som fungerar bra.

    • Benny on December 14, 2011 at 20:37

    Tack för svar! Du menar alltså att inga IR-pennor kan byggas av dig längre? Vad är det jag behöver förutom dioder och en markeringspenna, vart kan jag hitta allt detta så billigt som möjligt? Kan du fixa ihop ett ifall du fick IR-dioderna?

    MVH Benny.

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