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Tricopter with Spektrum DX7


If I change the settings I will also update this page. If you try things like this It might not work out for you – be advised.

The current configuring on my Spektrum DX7 is:

Heli mode with Swash 120 CCPM

Input Select


We start at the revese direction screen…

No channels reversed in radio – but on some of the gyro’s

No sub trims on any channel (adjust servo linkage to be straight on yaw)

Travel adjust
set to L75% and R75% on RUDD
set to +70% and -100 on GEAR

Swash mix
AILE 25%
ELEV 40%
PIT 85%

Throttle hold (failsafe motor shut off)

Throttle curve (used for LED along with an on/off switch)
st1 & st2 30-inh-70,5-inh-70,5
st3 is linear 0-100 (used to calibrate ESC’s)

Pitch curve (actually powers the motors)

40% (to try to hover but this is to low and I never use it)

not used

rate0 30%
rate1 30%

norm 0
stnt 1
hold 0


Timer is set to 7.00 (but is never used as I have LIPO alarm on board)


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    • mohnik on September 1, 2010 at 04:31

    Hi did you change any settings yet?

  1. Hi! – As far as I remember I haven’t changed anything on my radio – but I will double-check to see it is correct during the day…


  2. OK – page slightly updated, but nothing really important

    Flightmode 1 & 2 are now similar and only motor-power is diff…

    I never use throttle hold on radio…

    YAW gyro is connected with an Y cable to throttle channel and this gives Heading Hold on the gyro (that is why you should adjust link to reach zero instead of subtrim)

    LED’s and YAW gyro engages as soon as I increase throttle and a few clicks above that the motors starts spinning.

    I could probably trim curves more to use more of the throttle lever, and I have to give quite lot imput on levers to fly – but that is my settings and I kinda like it…

    If I adjust curves I can add EXPO to give a smooth center on sticks…(I want to keep the steady behavior)


    • Mohnik on September 19, 2010 at 12:50

    Hi, thanks for the instant response. I am a NewBee and this is my first project. Pre school stage. Well I need help from you. Please be patient for the eloborate explanations below. I sincerely appretiate your precious time.

    My configurations are:
    Blade – Maxxprod 10×4.5″ EPP1047
    Motor – Turnigy 2217 20turn 860kv 22A Outrunner
    ESC – TowerPro TP18A_BESC
    Gyro – Turnigy GR302-AD setting; both the ATV and gain are set at full clockwise position
    Tx – Spektrum DX7,,,,,,Setup: as explained in your site.
    Rx – AR7000

    I have been trying to lift it off the ground even once in vain. I have been following method for the setup:

    1)First off I disconnect gyro from ESC, disconnect Rx from gyro, disconnect main battery.

    2)I Connect only the power supply to Rx. With the binding plug in place I switch on the Rx battery. The Rx starts blinking as explained in the DX7 manual. Then in the Tx I hold the bottom button pressed and switch on the top sliding button. The frequency of the blinking in the Rx reduces and after about 10 sec turns solid. Well. Now I connect the gyro to the Rx. After a few seconds the Gyro LED turns solid. Then I remove the binding plug and connect the ESC to the gyro. Now the ESC starts beeping.

    3)(I am following the above procedure because if I switch on the Rx with the ESC connected to Gyro and gyro connected to Rx, then the Gyro LED only blinks and does not turn solid. I read somewhere that if the Gyro LED’s do not turn solid, then it means it does not process signals from Rx). Is there any method to avoid this? Is this unique to DX7 or it is the same with any other radio?

    4)Then I switch off the Tx. Move the throttle stick to full up position and switch it on again. Then I connect the main batteries and after the initial beeps from ESC I switch off the Rx battery. I program the ESC in this condition.

    Is this procedure correct?

    Well. After doing this I do the travel adjustments to set up the starting and ending points of the throttle stick.

    Then I disconnect the main battery and connection to gyro and to the Rx.

    I follow the similar procedure for the other two motors too.

    After programming the ESCs, I disconnect all the connections from ESC to Gyro and Gyro to Rx.

    Then I bind the plug and repeat as explained in the 1st paragraph only this time instead of connectng the gyro of one single motor to the Rx, I connect all the gyros

    The problem that I am facing is that, I could some how make two motors to start at the same time. but the 3rd motor starts very late and it reves up very fast to a very high rpm and even if I lower the throttle stick it takes long time to drop the rpm.

    I request your help to solve the issues. i greeatly appreciate your time and sorry for the long explanation.

    • Mohnik on September 19, 2010 at 12:56

    During this the battery drains fast within a few seconds. What do you this is the problem. Too much of bugging, sorry.

  3. HI Mohnik!

    I’m not sure about your ESC’s – i’ve only used Turnigy’s myself.

    Did you connect your wires according to the diagram?

    I use this diagram and it is very simple to get started
    1 disconnect loop(red loop to the right)
    2 connect battery so electronics get power, gyros initiates
    3 give full throttle and connect red loop (Programming of ESC’s start)
    4 drop throttle to minimum (programming of ESC’s done)
    5 fly Tricopter

    I dont know why your battery drains – I can fly about 10 minutes with a 2200Mah 3S LIPO


    • Mohnik on September 19, 2010 at 16:04

    Thanks a bunch. I will try this and let you know.

    • Mohnik on September 19, 2010 at 21:31

    I tried. I was almost there. I could sync 2 motors but the 3rd one starts very early and revs up faster. Any suggestion.

    I think I am missing the BEC in my circuit. As mentioned earlier I am using a BSEC. Is the BEC in the picture a requirement? Will the BSEC do the same function as the BEC. Will the AR7000 reiceiver battery do the function of the BEC? May be that is the problem, every time I switch on the receiver with the Gyros connected to the receiver, they just blink instead of solid burning.

    • ian Moreland on April 30, 2011 at 05:27

    I am assuming that with this setup the Left front is AIL,Right Front is Aux,Tail is elevator,yaw is rudd and gear is linked gain from elev ,aux, ail,

  4. HI!

    I think I forgot to mention that but it seems correct.


    • Rich ellstrom on April 9, 2016 at 06:06

    my kk2.1.5 will power up even with just one esc hooked up to m3
    my kk2.1.5 board is black not green any one know why

    • UndCon on May 7, 2016 at 10:45


    I have never tried any KK boards so I do not know what to do to help you.
    Best regards

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