Sep 11

Natrix F3K update

Now that I feel confident with the Natrix I resoldered a few¬†servoleads. There is no point having 2 positive and 2 negative wires from the wing to the receiver. A quick solder later I removed 2 15cm wires and now I have a free’d up htem 2 wires on a servoport so I can add the Hobbyking altimeter. If you are not familiar with this device it stores the time and altitude and you connect it to a computer with a USB-dongle. I used this one in my miniDLG¬†from Hobbyking




Sep 10

Natrix F3K DLG

I have purchased a used Natrix F3K carbon fiber DLG.

here is the first attempts with a proper DLG.

Video not available

Aug 22

Skyzone FPV goggles

Today I received my new Skyzone FPV goggles from GetFPV. They feature a number of options and I will post images as soon as I get back from a work-related trip. The goggles have diversity built into them so I can mount 2 different antennas and have 1 that is omni-directional and 1 that is more focused in 1 direction. I tested this with a Boscam antenna and it works great – all except 1 thing…the wrong connector…


All my antennas feature RP-SMA -these goggles only have SMA


So I had to make a small adapter to fit…

3¬†options…replace the connectors on the goggles, get new antennas or use adapters.

Just my luck…

Aug 19

LKTR250 FPV at the sawmill

In this clip I fly with my good friend MarkusB. We both have LKTR250’s and we are using frequencies so we can fly together without interrupting each other allowing us to create fun clips like this.


Video not available


The topmost video is my view Рwatch MarkusB video below

Video not available

Aug 19


Here is 1 of the first FPV flights I did with the LKTR250 once I configured it to my liking’s


Video not available


I really like the Naze32 Afro mini controller from Abusemark (thanks Timecop)

Jul 04

LKTR250 Tests

My test with the LKTR250 / Hoovership MHQ is continuing. As I am new to the Afro MIni controller from Abusemark¬†I have some reading to do. With the extra added weight of FPV gear the Quad gets a bit wobbly so I have to adjust the PID’s a bit more.

Yesterday I finished soldering the FPV cabling GoPro -> OSD -> 5.8Ghz Transmitter. Today I will add a dipole antenna for the 433Mhz link. (At least it cannot get any worse than stock)
I charged all LIPO’s for the groundstation and my Goggles so I can go for the 1st FPV-race.

A few LOS flights at cool locations reveals that the 3d-printed arms breaks easily – but the cost to replace them are low so it really does not matter much. I rather have something that breaks than destroys things.
Lots of spare propellers are heading my way from Paul at Flyduino


Jun 24

LKTR250 altitude test

Video not available


I only have a small piece of cotton-pad on the altimeter sensor. As it looks this works great. Now I have to finish the FPV rig for this.

Jun 22

LKTR250 / Hovership MHQ testflight

Here is the short testflight I did with stock values on everything.


Video not available


The LIPO was bad to begin with (beeping alert). It was kinda windy as you can see on the trees and bushes but most important I now know that I have to increase some PID’s as it was sluggish in response. I want it a bit quicker for personal likings.

Jun 21


Today I found out that I have to activate PPM signal on the Nazeboard to enable it (doh!)

If I want to change pinout I also have to activate SERVO-TILT


Configuring a Naze controller is done in GUI (or CLI) from the Google Chrome app called Baseflight

Depending on board you use an FTDI adaptor or it has a built in USB connector.

As my board is the smallest available I have to use a FTDI adapter – no big deal as I’m used to it from MultiWii.

Connect the board and move to CLI tab – at the bottom of the page is a textbox and you type:



To make sure type SAVE


When you move to a different tab in GUI it automatically saves and resets so you now can test the PPM input from your receiver.

In my case I can now choose from 2 options. FR-Sky or 433mhz OPENLRSng


Fr-Sky has some issues when you use many channels so I might just stick with the 433mhz version for now…


All in all – now I have to desolder the MultiWii-board from the motor wires and GND’s


Left to find out and to configure is the Bluetooth connection…Ill use the module from my 450Quad (same I used for MultiWii as well)

feature ppm (by default this is off) 
feature servo_tilt (this will set the pins such that S1 = M1, S2 = M2, S3 = M3, and S4 = M4).

Jun 20

MiniQuad progress

Im working on the miniQuad. It is fully assembled and tested with multiWii but I had some strange behaviours that Ive never had on any MuliWii before. I ordered a AfroMini 32 from
I have it configured on my desk but I have some issues related to PPM signal.

The PPM signal i OK – verified against my MultiWii and in the GUI so it does what it is supposed to. You know FR-SKY has some PPM issues and to fight that problem I also have PPM on a 433mhz receiver.

Both are working as supposed…so Why can I not activate PPM in Naze?

More tinkering…