May 22

HoverShip LKTR250 Mashup

Parts have been arriving to the 250Quad I’m currently working on.

It is a mahsup between Hovership MHQ and LKTR250

I cut out the frame from PCB’s stripped from Copper. Templates was cut and clued onto the sheet of fiberglass. I used a Hegner MultiCut2 to cut out the parts and then I painted the frame.


Here is the result.

2014 - 1

As you can see there are more rubber dampers than needed. The topmost ones are only there to show what the frame will look like when finished. They will be replaced with plastic spacers.
Some parts are still in the mail


4 motors, 4 ESC’s, A small MultiWii controller and a  Naze 32 Arco controller.

Some wires to connect the GoPro Hero Black to the video transmitter 1.3 or 5.8Ghz (will test both)

A small OSD will be used (HK simpleOSD) And depending on camera choice (FPV or GoPro for video out) I will build a filter.

What Receiver should I use? Most likely a FR-Sky…4/8 channel as I also want a Lost model alarm.

May 17

250 Frame finished

I finished the frame for my 250 today…A nice job I must say….Here it is temporarily assembled with misc hardware (that will be replaced with nylon m3 screws)


20140517_210622 20140517_223321 20140517_223430 20140517_223413 20140517_223404 20140517_223356 20140517_223348 20140517_223338 20140517_210544


As you can see the design is foldable with theese arms. I must do some thinking about the colors…Here I used white perler beads as spacers.

May 09

250 Quad

I have started to build a 250Quad for faster funflying and bashing. It will be a mix between Hovership MHQ and LKTR250.
Plates will be cut from stripped PCB-boards. 4 plates in total and rubber dampers will be used “QAV-style”

Parts ordered are Motors, ESC’s and propellers. Parts not ordered are flightcontrollers as I have MultiWii-stuff. Bad part is my MultiWii-board does not fit default holes on the boards – so they must be modified.
Arms for the motors are 3d-printed from Hovership MHQ.

May 09

Hubsan update

I successfully repaired the Hubsan with a new board. Tiny wires to solder for LED’s and motors abut even worse was the ribbon cable to attach the FPV-board. Everything was OK the 1st time and I assembled it and took it for a spin indoors.

Now I await the replacements sent from – time will till if it is just a  new Hubsan 107 or a complete set with a radio as well. A cool thing…I looked up the frequencies for my 5.8Ghz video transmitter/receiver. The Hubsan can be changed to work on on Ch8 so a quick tune later and can use that as well for FPV.



Apr 10

Hubsan FPV H107D

I was very happy when I got my Hubsan FPV delivered from

What ended up on my desk was the Hubsan and FPV radio with built in monior that I started to rebuild right away (I’m a geek OK)


All was OK – then it was time to fly and I did the 1st flight in my bedroom over the bed so it would fall gently. Perfect – some minor calibration of the gyro performed on level surface and it’s great.


I bring everything to work the following day, sill using the original box for transportation as the Quad is well protected inside.


I go to fly in a small gymnasium at work on my lunch but the quad did not even take off from ground and worst of all 1 motor did not spin at all. This is when I start smelling burnt electronics and I shut everything off.

After examination of the PCB i discover that one of the MOSFETS labelled 123X is burnt. (look close on the rightmost MOSFET)




I order new replacement parts, crash-kits and so on from


A bit sad I contact to find out if they can help me out.

Their reply is very friendly and fast. They offer me a replacement or refunds and now I have a new Hubsan heading my way.


Great service from I must say. I will add a few pictures later as they are currently on my Galaxy S4.


Once again – I cannot say anything negative about

Mar 12

Tiny LIPO’s

The tiny LIPO’s I ordered have arrived from Hobbyking.

They are aimed at the mini-DLG and the Hubsan FPV I ordered from banggood. Crap I told them to deliver the parcel with Camels travelling over the Silkroad…but I can wait – no problem…I can wait….C’mon camels – speed up. Use that pacer at full speed.


And the DLG…my precious mini-DLG I love soo much – is BROKEN!


Why is that you ask…and so do I !!!!?

I had a service technician at home repairing the tumble dryer. I suspect he bumped the fuselage so it fell to the floor (wing was detached) The canopy is cracked in 3 places and even worse – the boom is cracked in several places after that event.


Time for repairs? – I don’t thing it is any idea to repair this. Instead I will try to make my own fuselage from a 6mm or 8mm carbon fiber tube (woven this time) for maximum strength.

I only have to come up with a few tricky items…

  • How to mount the wing?
  • How to mount the fin?
  • How to mount the stabilizer?
  • How to mount the pod?

I do have 1 advantage – I can 3d-print items for this on my Printrbot.


Meanwhile…. I ordered a Vladimir’s Models ELF from a local shop.

(Red wing and grey Logo on stab)


This costs me a fraction more than a new mini-DLG including shipping from China and It is way faster delivery.
It is also a much higher quality DLG not unusually weighting in 30 gram less than mini-DLG.

Mar 08

Mini-DLG accident

Yesterday i had a service-technician at my house to repair the tumble-dyer and dishwasher. He managed to get my Mini-DLG fall to the floor and the lower pod is cracked in 3 places…As it is currently being rebuilt anyway I might just as well try to make my own pod from some thin plastic sheet if I can find any. Last time I did a canopy I wrapped the plastic sheet around a glass bottle that had a suitable shape, but It is very unlikely I find something that fits the Mini-DLG..I was thinking the shape of tool-handles or similar…a tour around the local hardware store might help 🙂

Mar 06

Mini-DLG updates



I found a small crack in the CF-boom so I have to repair this. My version of the Mini-DLG also sports the old blue servo’s so I bought 4 Emax servos from Banggood. They are the same as newer Mini-DLG are delivered with. Long delivery later but they ended up at my desk.

The tail section is known to have some issues as the fin is covered and then glued to the boom. A quick repair is to remove the fin (it will come loose) and cut away the covering where the boom fits and glue it back in place.

Next upgrade is a less warped stabilizer…CF-reinforced Depron might work.?

Another upgrade is to rearrange the pushrod supports. I will cut them in half and reglue them at a closer distance
I will also try to print supports on my 3dprinter.

As I have lots of room under the canopy I might give it a go to make my own plug to shape some plastic sheets as it can be reduced by half the height.

Making a more slimmed pod will also reduce drag and improve performance.


Feb 27

MYVU Original Black for sale

I am selling my FPV video goggles that are still working perfect.

They are Myvu Original black and have a great picture.

They feature the same or equal specs as many newer goggles from Fatshark and similar brands.


I still have the original case and a soft pouch to store them in.

Feb 24

EagleTree systems for sale

I am going to sell all my EagleTree systems as I no longer uses them.

They have been performing great all time.

The parts for sale are:

  • Eagle Tree eLogger V3 with Integrated Connectors
  • Eagle Tree OSD PRO Expander
  • Eagle Tree 10Hz GPS Expander Module
  • Eagle Eyes FPV Station
  • Eagle Eyes Pan & Tilt AntennaTracker




All items sold as a bundle. The money witll fund new FPV goggles.