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FPV Gear

Here is all FPV gear I use listed.

Part List:

A 1/3 Sony CCD camera is mounted on a XL pan/tilt from Hobbyking
EagleTree Logger (v3), GPS, OSD Pro is all connected and it all ends up with a 800mW 1.2Ghz module and a DIY clover leaf antenna made from MIG wire. The Eagletree logger is connected to the main LIPO (3S 5000mAh) powering the motor, An UBEC powers the electronics (AR7000 and servos) and the videolink is powered by a 3S 2200mAh LIPO. All shares common ground.

Swift II
The Swift II has the new FPV-pod installed. It is a small camera, a HobbyKing E-OSD and a 5.8g 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set

My groundstation is based on Eagle Eyes from Eagletreesystems This is housed in a plastic box with pan and tilt purchased from ElectronicaRC. It sits on a regular camera tripod with ball head (manfrotto 190b). The groundstation has a 16:9 7″ LCD purchased from an internet shop along with my MYVU Crystal original black goggles that sports the same features as Black sharks. I have recently purchased a 5.8Ghz videolink to try some new cameras intended to be smaller and removable from plane to crawler to…whatever i want to try FPV. 1.2/1.3Ghz 800mW is from ElectronicaRC. A 2nd Video Receiver 1.2/1.3Ghz is also in use – This was part of my 1st video-link but I managed to destroy the video TX so 1 is spare and will have a patch antenna mounted when I build one.
The Groundstation is powered by a single 3S 2200mAh LIPO

For recordings I use 2pcs GoPro HD cameras and 1 Sony Handycam DVcam. The DVcam has video-IN and is connected to any of the four video-Out connectors on the Eagleeyes FPV station.

All listed? i don’t know…


    • David on May 26, 2012 at 23:58

    What model Sony Handycam DVcam?

  1. Hi David!
    I am using an old Sony Handycam TVR240E (Hi8/D8)
    I transfer the recordings with Firewire to the computer.

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