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Quadcopter mk IV

I finished Quadcopter mk IV.

It has the exact same components as Quadcopter mk III.
There are a few differences:
I now used Flyduino base plates instead of my own fabricated from sheet aluminum. The Flyduino base plates are very good and has excellent quality and performance.

One thing I had to change was the distance between mounting holes – I used 50mm and Flyduino uses 40mm.

I also perfected the motor mounts and they are now easier to attach than ever using only 2 screws.

The part list is the same as Quadcopter mk II and III

Arduino pro mini

Wiimote plus (WM+) (genuine)

Nunchuck (NK) (genuine)

4 Motors:
hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-22L

4 Propellers:

TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller

Spektrum AR6100 RX

Base Plates with on board power distribution
Flyduino Base Plates

The frame is built from the same 10*10mm aluminum profiles.

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