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Tricopter parts

The Tricopter is a regular GYRO-based Tricopter but can easily be converted into a MultiWii if that is what you want. (if you go for MultiWii – exclude all gyros and add Arduino+sensors)

Here is the part list for my tricopter so far (might be updated) and the new items are linked

3 Motors:
TR 35-30C 1100kv Brushless Outrunner (Eq AXi 2808)

4 Gyros:
Hobby King 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro

3 ESC’s:
TURNIGY Plush 30amp Speed Controller

TP Slow Fly propeller 1047 (10×4.7) GWS style

6 Batteries:
ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C
(and 5000Mah batteries)

1 Receiver:
Spektrum AR6100

1 BEC:
TURNIGY 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction

1 Battery monitor:
Hobby King Battery Monitor 3S

1 Yaw servo:
Turnigy S3317B Servo 19g / 2.5kg / .14sec

And some aluminium and hardware for frame and yaw construction.
(and soon some landing gear)

All parts come in at about $170.- from Hobbycity…so far…

Add to this the FPV gear

1 Eagletree OSD + Logger
1 1.2/1.3Ghz videolink
1 Camera
1 Goggles

1 Spektrum DX7


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    • Björn on October 28, 2010 at 11:41

    Got any suggestions on a even larger platform that might work?

    thinking on Motor/prop/ESC combo then.

    I would like to build large Tricopter, built around 14×4.7 props or so, able to lift heavy loads any input about this?

    I have been looking at different motor/ESC options available from HobbyKing, but interested in more input if there is any I don’t know about, or didn’t think about. Before ordering. Would be great full for any input about this.

  1. As long as your ESC’s can handle the Amps the motors draw AND your LIPO can handle the combined AMP’s you should be fine

    As long as you are using parts no one else has you are literally on your own – a bit trial and error…
    I have not seen anybody else use the motor’s I have – and my Tricopter flies great with some initial tuning.

    How much do you want to lift? – my setup could fly with 1.5Kg at 80% throttle – BUT the Lipo’s was on their limit

    a 2200Mah 30C lipo can handle
    2200*30 = 66000Mah
    66000/1000 == 66Amp’s Constant load

    If your LIPO has 45C burst

    2200*45 = 99000Mah
    99000/1000 == 99Amps PEAK (warning)

    divide all this by 3 motors and you have 22Amp/ motor constant and 33Amp PEAK
    now this is only for your motors – make sure your wires can handle the Amps as well as your solders/connectors
    add some mah for gyros, RX, yaw-servo, LED’s and so on…
    finally add some saftey marginal. to avoid stress


    • omid on May 7, 2011 at 20:50

    i need your help.. i am first time rookie i am very motivate of tricoper i read your subjects…but i feel like which one is more easier to transmitter tx. and i decide to make my own custom medium look like big tricopter equipments. do you think is that okay with my custom tricopter. my goal will flight very smooth and longer flight mins i plan to thinking of sony camera for hd picture in the future…anyway..

    i give you details of this

    1 x wmp and nun-chuck and Arduino Pro Mini
    3 x KDA20-20L – hacker Style Brushless Outrunner 20-20L
    3 x HK-SS30A – Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC
    3 x TP_1047 – TP Slow Fly propeller 1047 (10×4.7) GWS
    1 x TGY-S3317B – Turnigy S3317B Servo 19g / 2.5kg / .14s..
    1 x T4000.3S.30 – Turnigy 4000mAh 3S 30C Lipo Pack
    1 x Hobby King Battery Monitor 3S
    1 x TR_PC – TURNIGY BESC Programming Card
    1 x SBEC-26V – Turnigy 5A (8-26v) SBEC for Lipo
    1 x remote tx (turnigy 9 ch mode 2 or Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2)

    i don’t know which one is more easier transmitter rx i dont want to mistake to order like waste the shipping billing… i like to hear your adviser before i will order this…

  2. Hello Omid!

    The setup you have listed is like a Tricopter with the motors I use for my Quadcopter.
    That setup will also work – the difference is the motors and I think you will get a little bit less thrust than in my setup.

    Besides that I think you will be just fine with that part list.

    A friend of mine also has the Turnigy Radio and it is quite OK – he opened it up just to verify all connectors were properly seated – some were not.

    The MultiWii is a trusted platform and performs very well – I helped a friend assembling a Hexacopter with MultiWi recently.

    Good luck – UndCon

    • omid on May 9, 2011 at 06:43

    Hi undcon,
    thank you for answer. i will be happy to hear that i will plan to order this.. don’t you mind i ask you 2 questions…
    1) how to set up Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter on tricopter?
    2) how to led lights put into the tricoper? i cant find on research on any website.
    that is all i hope i feel like cross my finger lol

  3. Hello Omid!
    To begin you do not need any specific programming for your radio. A multiwii is connected like an airplane and you should start with neutral trim.
    In the GUI you find:

    to tweak sensitivity you use RC RATE lower means less aggressive.
    RC EXPO means less sensitivity near center of stick.

    To connect the LED’s
    I connect them to the balance port of my LIPO. I used to have a Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch so I could turn LED on / off from radio

    Now I remove some of the LED’s and only use them for orientation.


    • omid on May 12, 2011 at 05:30

    hi undcon,

    i finish my order but but one thing is missing.. what is about Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wirewire to esc what number of awg? and can i use any general of flax paste and what size of solder melt for this?

  4. I used 15CM Servo Lead Extention (JR) 26AWG (10pcs/bag) as I had a bag at home. They are cheap and easy to solder.

    For cables between Arduino and sensors I use what I have available – thin flexible wire(not silicone)

    Best Regards – UndCon

    • omid on May 12, 2011 at 07:11

    noooo not that… i mean like motor to esc to xt60 battery you know what i mean like black and red wire for Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire.. like 10awg or 14 or 16 or 20 or 30 that is why i feel confused…i want to know cuz of high 30amp Speed Controller
    you know what i mean.. i guess that is my bad grammer haha i hate english composition in my higher college long time ago. lol

  5. Hi Omid!
    I understand what you mean – sorry for my mistake earlier. I think the ones I used are ~1,5 mm2 (15AWG)

    See translation chart here

    Best Regards – UndCon

    • Graham on February 27, 2013 at 07:23

    Hello UndCon, your site is great I have learned quite allot since discovering you. I was hoping you could take a second to review my proposed Diy kit. It is my first time but I am very DIY and Electronic Savvy.

    I plan on making a Tricopter that will be upgrade to a Y6 when I need to add more survey equipment, So I want the Esc’s to be over kill in the first version so I don’t have to replace them (just add to them ) when i upgrade.

    Arial Survey Try copter with a future upgrade to Y6 when load requirements and funds increase

    Proposed Kit

    1 x ArduFlyer APM 2.5
    1 x Ublox6M GPS
    1 x
    3 x hexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv

    3 x Lan Yu 40A ESC /speed controller For brushless Motor 8.32 ea
    3 x TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controlle 12.48ea
    1 x TR_PC – TURNIGY BESC Programming Card

    1 x Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo
    3 x OEM APC 12X3.8 props
    1 x Hobbywing 3A UBEC 5V 6V Lowest RF Noise BEC
    1 x 1-8S Lipo/Li-ion/Fe Battery Voltage 2IN1 Tester Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

    1 x FrSky Diy 2.4ghz Module

    Some specific Questions I Have:

    Have you ever herd of the Lan Yu ESC’s They are pretty cheap and I am on a tight budget. the specs look good but I am not sure if they are compatible with a Tricopter?

    How do I know what props the DT 750’s can swing? i have seen people suggest 12x 3.8 but i plan to upgrade them to 13 or 14 if i need the thrust what do you think?

    and finally I have an old sony cybershot that I want to take apart and use the video as fpv? do you know any resources on this? otherwise i am flying blind… excuse the pun.

  6. HI!

    If you put a big prop on your motor it is not sure it can handle it. Amp’s goes up as well…

    Your 2200mAh 20C LIPOs will not handle the load safely.
    (2200*20C = 44.000mAh (44A)

    You look at 25A ESC’s – a Tricopter needs 3 so that is 3*25A at worst case…75A
    Now – DT-motors does not consume that much so you will most likely be happy.
    (I only want you to know about the calculations)

    I only have Turnigy ( and other labels) but it is the same ESC’s so I really cannot tell anything about yours.
    I know lots of people using DT-motors and they seems happy with them – i never tried them.


    • Graham on March 1, 2013 at 09:48

    Hey UndCon, Thanks for the info,

    So i should get 22oo*30A ? will that be enough?

    and I do want to use big props 13-14″ so what kind of prop do I need? Lower KV? 650kv?


  7. HI!

    I am using smaller LIPO’s on my Quad – but I use a cable to connect them in parallel.
    2 or 3 1300mAh 3S LIPO that are speced to 90A at peak

    For the Tricopter I would get at least 45C to be sure they do not break (all my 2200mAh are swollen)

    To swing big props you need motors with really low KV – like the multi-rotor motors that appeared – like this:

    • Graham on March 26, 2013 at 08:45

    Hi UndCon,

    I have begun the purchase of my parts list.
    My new list is below can you give it a check for me?

    Proposed Kit

    1 x ArduFlyer APM 2.5 **Purchased**
    1 x Ublox6M GPS **Purchased**
    4 x hexTronik DT700 Brushless Outrunner 700kv **Purchased** (1 Spare)

    2 x ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 45C (one backup)
    4 x F-30A – Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC Speed Controller (1 Spare)
    8 x OEM APC 12X3.8 props (many spares)

    What do you think?

    • Graham on March 27, 2013 at 08:32

    I am actually considering getting the
    Turnigy nano-tech 2650mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack
    with 3X F-30A – Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC Speed Controller

    i think it should work.

    I have read that it is good to have the high burst to protect the pack but your constant C does not need to be high?

    let me know what you think


  8. HI!

    Your constant C needs to be higher than the motors can consume so if your 3 motors are speced to 15A at peak you should be safe with a LIPO that has 45C constant.

    I think you will be happy with your LIPO.


  9. HI!

    Your Tricopter will work just fine. Spare parts are always handy.

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