Power consumptions

I noticed that lots of people simply don’t know how to calculate the estimated drain of your LIPO’s

The LIPO’s have ratings of constant and burst discharge.

In my case ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C discharge ratings: 20C Constant / 25-30C Burst

To calculate this:

2200mAh*20C = 44000mAh – divide by 1000 = 44Amps
2200mAh*35C = 77000mAh – divide by 1000 = 77Amps

Now we have the constant and burst ratings my LIPO’s can deliver to my Quadcopter
Each motor is rated at 17 Amps max and the ESC’s are rated at 18 Amps.

Worst case scenario is 18*4 = 72Amps – this is ESC/Motors highest value…(full throttle)

During normal flight I should not get over constant discharge to play safe.

What you should really do is to measure on-board during flight -I do this with Eagletree systems data logger and this shows me actual values are not even close to worst case scenarios so my LIPO’s survive

Why so?

It is very rarely I give full throttle (max drain) on my Quadcopter – in fact I never did.
I hover at about half throttle. and fly at about 3/4.

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