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Jun 21


Today I found out that I have to activate PPM signal on the Nazeboard to enable it (doh!) If I want to change pinout I also have to activate SERVO-TILT   Configuring a Naze controller is done in GUI (or CLI) from the Google Chrome app called Baseflight Depending on board you use an FTDI …

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Jun 20

MiniQuad progress

Im working on the miniQuad. It is fully assembled and tested with multiWii but I had some strange behaviours that Ive never had on any MuliWii before. I ordered a AfroMini 32 from abusemark.com I have it configured on my desk but I have some issues related to PPM signal. The PPM signal i OK …

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Jun 18

I am a chicken

Today I went out for a longer flight-path – following my series of tests….I placed a waypoint at 2.2Km – over my dad’s house to be specific…It is 2.2Km to the RC field to his house. When I reached about 1.7-1.8Km I got some video trouble – I lost image totally and I went left …

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Jun 15

Bixler waypoint test in strong wind


I went out to test the Bixler in stronger winds as well as extending the route setting waypoints further away. The flight path was repeated 2 times – when I compare them 2 in Google Earth I’m impressed by the accuracy. No big deviations from the route despite strong wind from 1 side. See the …

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May 19

433mhz installed in my Bixler


I finally got the time to install the 433mhz module and the Turn stile antenna on my Bixler. The antenna is located on the bottom side of the wing and the RX is located on the pod – behind the camera The 1st flight will be LOS in manual mode (arduplane) – Then if things …

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Apr 02

433Mhz LRS

I received my LRS gear and I’m currently doing some initial tests. Connected the module to my 9X – check OK Binding TX-RX – check OK Connected the module to my Eurgle 3ch radio -check OK Now I can mount the Receiver on my RC car and go for a drive around my block. To …

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Mar 11


Extra300 EPP

Things move slow during the winter 🙂 Some indoor flying with my Extra 300 from Autopartner.se With this plane my skills evolves rapidly. It has more to do with the plane being barely unbreakable compared to Depron than my skill. As this plane is more forgiving in a crash I can now fly lower to …

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