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Jul 23

FPV Quad450 crash

I crashed the Quad450 yesterday A new render is on its way with 15 crashes in 15 minutes 😀

Jul 17

450Quad fun FPV at an old factory

I changed a few settings on the 450Quad in order to make it more stable. With tweaked PID values it is now very smooth, new propellers also help reducing vibrations to a minimum. I shot a video at the loading dock of the factory. 1 gate was open and I flew inside with a very …

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Jun 26

Quad450 FPV

A few days ago I was testing the smallish FPV gear on my 450-Quad. The kit worked OK -I used stock antennas and will try again with cloverleaf/ Skew planar. The weather was windy and the sun was setting – far from optimal for a maiden FPV flight but you know you can’t hold back… …

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Jun 09

5.8Ghz link arrived

I got the new 5.8Ghz video link a few days ago – It is actually the same as the one I bought from HobbyKing but they were Backordered again. This one came from DPCAV who had them in stock (same brand) Now I can enjoy diversity on the 5.8Ghz link when I connect both receivers …

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May 09

450 v2 frame conclusion

I want to sum up my initial thoughts about the 450 v2 clone from RcTimer. The frame is nice, well finished and the parts fits well together. The kit comes with a rather crappy hex and you should apply some blue Loctite to make sure the screws do not fall off. They are rather special. …

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May 06

450 v2 Finished

450 v2 Finished

I finished the last work on the 450 v2 clone today. I mounted the MultiWii shield (v 1.3BT by Jussi) the same way I mounted the Paris v4 board to the Tricopter that turned out to be great. The shield is hot glued to a piece of Coroplast and this piece is hot glued to …

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May 05

450 v2 ESC completed

All done

I finished soldering and reprogramming the Hobbywing ESC’s to the 450 v2 frame. They are all calibrated to the endpoints for the FR-sky with PPM signals. I was lucky soldering the motors, I only had to swap cables on 1 motor of 4 to get the correct rotation direction. The ESC’s will be attached to …

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May 05

450 v2 ESC mounted

Repositioned on the frame

Today I got a parcel from GiantCod A 4ch FRSKY receiver that is 8ch in PPM mode that I will use so I only need 1 wire between RX and MultiWii. And I got 4pcs Hobbywing Flyfun 18A that are supposed to be the same as Turnigy Plush 18A. They are also using the same …

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Apr 21

DJI 450 v2 Quadcopter frame clone


I ordered a Quadframe from RCTimer. It is a copy of the DJI 450 frame that costs about 3 times as much. Why do I order this you might think – some say it is crap, some say it is good. My ideas are to compare this frame with the ones I build myself as …

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