Tag: 5.8

Jun 09

5.8Ghz link arrived

I got the new 5.8Ghz video link a few days ago – It is actually the same as the one I bought from HobbyKing but they were Backordered again. This one came from DPCAV who had them in stock (same brand) Now I can enjoy diversity on the 5.8Ghz link when I connect both receivers …

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Jun 01

FPV Update

As you know I have been using 1.2Ghz for my videolink and it has been working perfect all the time. During the last flights, actually the 1st this year I discovered my link has some issues. I do not know if something is broken or if it is an antenna or connector that doesn’t work …

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May 27

5.8 antennas done

Looks OK

Today it was Eurovision song contest – there is no better opportunity than solder some antennas – yes I know we won… I soldered a Cloverleaf and a Skewplanar antenna for my 5.8Ghz videolink. Soldering the antennas is kind of tricky when you have no jig or fixture to hold your wires with. I only …

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