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Aug 20

Arduino Pro MIni and headers

I ordered 3pcs Arduino Pro Mini’s and headers, Female and male. All my new boards, Paris boards from multiwiicopter and the Flyduino MWC board requires less headers soldered to the Arduinos than my current ones has. Removing soldered pins to the arduino PCB is like asking for trouble. They are very fragile and the soldering …

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Jul 31

Arduino Servo Multi Feature Reverser take 2

Film Cannister

This post is a follow-up to my earlier post about this gadget Here are some pictures of the creation – only missing is the speaker and soundcontroller but they also fit inside… 2 servo extenders cut in half. positive and ground are soldered to a small strip of Pertinax breadboard that acts like a power …

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Mar 02

Multiwii boards


Here are pictures of my 2 MultiWii boards the good looking one is v1.0 from 420rcPilot The other is my 1st pertinax-board – ugly but working well The 1st picture features an UBEC that I use to power the boards. The AR6100 is mounted on the bottom side The 2nd picture lacks sensor as it’s …

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Feb 25

Syntax highlight

pde syntax highlight

Being a programmer working with Visual Studio all days this is a feature that you really miss in Arduino IDE In fact it is hard to read code with 1 colour – it is a lot easier to read when you have code in several colours See for yourself: How do I do this? Download …

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Nov 24

MultiWiiCopter testlab


This is my multiWiiCopter testlab. It is an Arduino pro mini, a Wii motion plus(WMP) and Nunchuck (NCK) connected and 2 servos are outputs. The 2 servos are to stabilise a camera, to keep it horizontal on the Quadcopter This setup will be cleaned up and mounted on top of my QuadCopter

Oct 09

Tricopter with a T

I am currently planning for a T-copter. A Tricopter in a T-layout. Why this? Well…I ordered a GoPro HD and this camera has 170ยบ angle of view. If I mount this on my current Tricopter or the Quadcopter I will always capture motors and propellers on the front arms. So I figured I could build …

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Sep 04

More aided flight

I got an Arduino pro mini board that I intend to use in a smaller Quadcopter This board will run the TriWii software modified to my needs. This project will evolve alongside with my Teensy++ board (BaronPilot) and to make things easier I’m going to purchase a WMP + a nunchuck dedicated to this board …

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