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Jun 15

Bixler waypoint test in strong wind


I went out to test the Bixler in stronger winds as well as extending the route setting waypoints further away. The flight path was repeated 2 times – when I compare them 2 in Google Earth I’m impressed by the accuracy. No big deviations from the route despite strong wind from 1 side. See the …

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Jun 12

Bixler Arduplane auto navigation 1Km

I was out testing Arduplane even more the other day. I added a route following a few simple waypoints but extended the range even further. in my previous test I was verifying OpenLRSng with 1280mhx video. This was an extension to that. I think the waypoint at most was about 1Km away. During this flight …

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Nov 28

Bixler Arduplane navigation

This is just a short clip to demonstrate how the Bixler turns at a predetermined waypoint. No hands on the radio! I also demonstrate how easy it is to land the plane in FPV as I have been asked this question some times.

Oct 12

Bixler2 for GIS

I was asked the other day If I can mount a camera pointing downwards from the sky – sure I said, but I do not want to cut up a hole in the bottom of my plane. Order a new one then he said – and I did! I ordered a Bixler2, some servos and …

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Aug 28

Bixler FPV gear added

Depron Mount

I took the time to add the FPV gear for the next flights. I will not use the goggles but the FPV gear will be there – powered on to show if there are any problems. I will record everything on the groundstation. I will also make the changes to ArduPlane I mentioned in a …

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Aug 25

Bixler Arduplane waypoint navigation

arduplane navigation

This is my Bixler pod from DiyDrones, A small shelf to hold the GoPro was temporarily glued to the top where the FPV gear will be positioned Today we went out to the local RC field to test Arduplane some more. I set up a waypoint route and home in APM and programmed the Arduplane …

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Aug 12

Arduplane issue

As the maiden flight of the Bixler was so successful I could continue mounting the Ardupilot/Oilpan to the pod for the Bixler. I installed and configured the software but for some reason the aileron on channel1 does not work. I have ordered a new (more updated version) of the ArdupilotMega board that seems broken. Hopefully …

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May 09

Arduplane testing

As you might know I will try Arduplane in the Skywalker and Bixler to begin with. I have a few ideas of how to perform tests and here are my thoughts 1 verify RTH (fly away and turn off radio/activate with a switch – plane returns to start at preconfigured height) 2 verify flying after …

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Jan 26

More Turnigy 9x ideas

I am currently going thru all options for ArduPlane that I intend to use in my Skywalker. I want to keep my current setup on the Skywalker – a 4 servo wing requiring 4 channels. This way I do not have to reverse any servo internally or change setup if I want to go back …

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Jan 24


GPS connected

Today I got a parcel from DiyDrones. I ordered a GPS for the ArduPilotMega and Oilpan shiled I have. The GPS makes it possible to use more features of the board including adding waypoints(UAW) and return to home if signal is lost. It will be incorporated into the Skywalker as soon as I get time …

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