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Sep 19

Moultrie i40 display FIX

moultrie I40

This is off topic to RC but I really feel the need to post this – please bear with me. A friend of mine has a Moultrie GameSpy I40 Camera. A common issue is the display giving up on this. There are several posts how to fix the broken display. Tips are ranging from modifying …

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May 21

Skywalker tests


Yesterday I was performing a series of tests with the Skywalker. My intentions was to record some FPV over the yellow fields with rapeseed. A quick test on the ground shows everything working. During first flight that was LOS I discover that the videolink was gone after a few hundred meters. It was directional i.e …

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May 01

Extreme Cam test

Mounting bracket on camera

I have an Action Cam for evaluation in my hand. The specifications are close to GoPro HD, with a few exceptions of course. It has a elongated shape instead of the blunt shape of GoPro cameras that should cause less drag. It also has a small LCD display that is useful. Under the LCD are …

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Apr 15

GoPro Replacement

Last time I crashed my GoPro HD I was feeling a bit sad. I figured – I got this camera as a replacement for the previous one (insurance) I do not know if the insurance is valid for the replacement as well. Yesterday I went by my local shop where I bought the GoPro and …

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May 26

Skywalker modification

aluminium sheet 0.8mm Protective film

I did not like having the GoPro obstructing the view from my FPV camera. Time to do something to change this. How about cutting out a piece of the front making room for the camera? I drew the outline and used a sharp saw toothed knife in the kitchen. Now the camera has its own …

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Nov 15

FOV – Field Of View

Camera rig

As the GoPro HD Camera has an astounding 170 degrees FOV I have to mount it in a very forward position to get rid of obstructing items in the view. I do not want the motors or propellers in view so the camera has to be mounted X cm forward (when Quadcopter is flying in …

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Oct 21

GoPro HD arrived

GoPro HD camera

I finally got my GoPro HD Here is a quick samle pic (resized to 800*600 from 2592*1944/5mpix) Its taken from a conference room at work… Now I really have to get the T-copter in the air 🙂 Yesterday I started dismantling my TriCopter and I will mount the big motors and ESC’s on the T-frame. …

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Oct 07

GoPro’s HD HERO Naked

I have finally ordered a GoPro’s HD HERO Naked including a 16Gb SDHC memory card Now I will be able to shoot high definition movies, shoot interval pictures and record 720P slow motion. Here are the description from goprocamera.com GoPro’s HD HERO Naked is the world’s highest performance wearable 1080p HD video and still photo …

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Jul 30

Over the ponds video

This video is by far one of the best I have made with the Tricopter. The soundtrack is by A.R Rahman. The “Mumbai Theme Tune” this can make grown up people cry… I worked hard to get the sequences to fit the music as neat as possible See the result in HD below… It’s to …

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Jul 22

Camera mount

Looking back at all videos I made earlier I must say I am a bit disappointed. This made my brain think a bit and I came up with a camera mount that will give me the option to aim the camera in any direction (tilt) and to have it horizontally aligned at almost all the …

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