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Jul 23

FPV Quad450 crash

I crashed the Quad450 yesterday A new render is on its way with 15 crashes in 15 minutes 😀

Jun 12

Skywalker video with treetop crash

Here is the video from the treetop crash. Lots of water spraying in the beginning, trying to catch some rainbows(no treasure found) It ends up with the crash…

Nov 06

r.i.p. crazy sukhoi

Today the Crazy Sukhoi met the creator. It now has a special place on cloud no. 7. It has been repaired many times since I 1st started to fly with this model last season. The nose has been rebuilt 3 times and the wing has been broken for the last 3 weeks. The tail skid …

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Jun 28

Skywalker crash

Wing intact

I managed to crash my Skywalker yesterday. A pilot error caused this – nothing else. Flying FPV at low altitude and at slow speed turning with the wind results in loss of airflow over the wings. Here are the damages. If I mounted the wing with rubber bands the fuselage might not have been as …

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Apr 13

Quadcopter Crash report

Here is the Quadcopter crash report from yesterday’s crash(2011-04-12) Due to an unexpected motor failure on rear right motor the Quadcopter plummeted to the ground from an altitude of est 20-22 meters. The impact was hard, rough pieces of blasted rocks made big damage to the Quadcopter. Arrivals at the crash scene noticed no personal …

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Mar 25

Quadcopter autolevel test

I got a go at the autolevel feature of MultiWii today. Overall the feature is really nice – this is default settings but the Quadcopter must be calibrated level. I calibrated in on a car-park and its not level so the Quadcopter drifts slightly when autolevel is enabled. And then I had a motor failure …

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Jun 24

Tricopter crash

I managed to crash my tricopter today… The conclusion is that it was my own fault and no tech-issue. I went to a local park to fly some FPV – then I discovered I forgot a cable at home….bummer OK – what to do next…fly and record some stuff…and I strapped on the old GoProHero …

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