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Nov 13

Crazy Sukhoi completed

Today I finished and maidened the Crazy Sukhoi. Flies like a dream.

Nov 06

r.i.p. crazy sukhoi

Today the Crazy Sukhoi met the creator. It now has a special place on cloud no. 7. It has been repaired many times since I 1st started to fly with this model last season. The nose has been rebuilt 3 times and the wing has been broken for the last 3 weeks. The tail skid …

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Apr 03

Indoor crazy sukhoi moments

I flew indoors with the Quadcopter and the Crazy Sukhoi this weekend and I had a great time. Here is the video from the Crazy Sukhoi moments in HD of course

Mar 01

Maiden flight Crazy Sukhoi 29 Depron

Crazy Sukhoi

I performed the maiden flight this Sunday at the local 3h indoor session of the Crazy Sukhoi 29 Depron designed by Meijer models. The Crazy Sukhoi flew extremely well and was well balanced – it only required 2 clicks on aileron and 3 clicks on elevator to fly in a straight line. It helps being …

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