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Sep 18

DLG Taranis setup

For some it is a huge task to program your Taranis radio. A DLG has some specific features that can be tricky so the best option is to search for at RCgroups for a suitable guide. Didn’t take long to find a specific program for my 3 channel DLG, 2 ailerons and elevator. Now you …

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Sep 11

Natrix F3K update


Now that I feel confident with the Natrix I resoldered a few servoleads. There is no point having 2 positive and 2 negative wires from the wing to the receiver. A quick solder later I removed 2 15cm wires and now I have a free’d up htem 2 wires on a servoport so I can add …

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Sep 10

Natrix F3K DLG

I have purchased a used Natrix F3K carbon fiber DLG. here is the first attempts with a proper DLG.

Nov 05

Mini DLG more features


I ordered a TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & RX and a Altimeter from Hobbyking They are now neatly tucked into the pod of the mini DLG along with a 1S LIPO. The 1S LIPOS I made from a 2S 460mAh Nano-tech is a bit to wide to fit nice so I ordered some 1S 300mAh Nano-tech‘s instead. …

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Oct 15

MiniDLG arrived yesterday

Yesterday I got a phonecall from the delivery-truck. I wasn’t at home but he left the box in my carport. Eager to get home and open the box I find the DLG neatly wrapped in protective material. Taped up and very secure. The box can be used for transport as the plane can be dismantled …

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