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Jan 10

Skywalker Flaps / Ailerons completed

Completed wing

I now finished my Flaps and Ailerons on both wings. Programming the radio was pretty straight forward – if you _read_ the manual (I didn’t) First I muffled my DX7 beeper with thick tape (my wife was killing me) A future upgrade involves a switch with speaker loud/muffled 1st try: Ailerons wore moving and I …

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Jan 02

Skywalker Flaps / Ailerons

Skywalker wing

I mounted Flaps and Ailerons on 1 of the wings. As the flaps are only marked but not cut it is an option to install flaps – I want to add them in order to fly slower, hopefully to generate better footage in the end. I copied the design of the servo-slot for ailerons and …

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Jun 13

I had a dream…

Yesterday I was dreaming…or my brain was spinning…1 thing got stuck and it was to use a regular joystick for a PC to fly the tricopter(or fly anything). I do play a lot of games and I do lots of flying in them. I have a Logitech joystick and was thinking of converting this into …

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