Tag: Flyduino

Aug 25

Another day soldering

I have been soldering sensors and shields for a few good hours and I must say it feels good. The Flyduino MWC is tricked out with a Wm+, a Paris board is equipped with a Wm+, 345 and a BMP 085. Yet another Paris board is waiting for Wm+ and NK transplant.

Aug 20

Arduino Pro MIni and headers

I ordered 3pcs Arduino Pro Mini’s and headers, Female and male. All my new boards, Paris boards from multiwiicopter and the Flyduino MWC board requires less headers soldered to the Arduinos than my current ones has. Removing soldered pins to the arduino PCB is like asking for trouble. They are very fragile and the soldering …

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Aug 09

Items arrived


More parts has arrived in my mail. 4 beautifully crafted plates for quadcopters and a shield. All items are shipped from aeronautikhobby. The center plates have connectors for VCC and GND to each ESC. This simplifies the soldering a lot. The shield looks very good in black as well. Some components will be added along …

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Aug 05

Flyduino parts from aeronautikhobby

A friend of mine at aeronautikhobby is sending me an Flyduino shield along with some Flyduino plates for evaluation. I will build a new QuadCopter based on the Flyduino parts and see if I am saticfied with them or not. The goal is a complete Quadcopter for yet another customer. The only specific need is …

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