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Mar 02


More updates on the Skywalker. The Skywalker came with NTM PRop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W This motor will swing a 9*6 Graupner CAM folding (same as my old Skywalker) but with a new hub as this motor has a larger axle diameter. (I got  a new hub from a friend) This motor is …

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Apr 10

Hubsan FPV H107D


I was very happy when I got my Hubsan FPV delivered from www.banggood.com. What ended up on my desk was the Hubsan and FPV radio with built in monior that I started to rebuild right away (I’m a geek OK)   All was OK – then it was time to fly and I did the …

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Jan 21

Winter update

A short winter update… We went off to fly indoors at the big event held in January. It was great fun to meet up with old and new friends. I started to rebuild my Swift II for some fun FPV flying. If you remember I tested FPV with it long time ago…Now I have a …

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Aug 01

Bottorps Hamn / Sweden

I went out for a flight over water. I thing more than 90% of this is over open water and it is performed at a place I visited lots of times when I was a kid.

Jul 23

FPV updates

During this summer I had numerous problems. A long running problem has been that I do not always get video feed working. I have been forced to reconnect the video transmitter several times and eventually I have been giving up and went home. After a few talks to a friend of mine It turned out …

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Jun 18

I am a chicken

Today I went out for a longer flight-path – following my series of tests….I placed a waypoint at 2.2Km – over my dad’s house to be specific…It is 2.2Km to the RC field to his house. When I reached about 1.7-1.8Km I got some video trouble – I lost image totally and I went left …

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Jun 12

Bixler Arduplane auto navigation 1Km

I was out testing Arduplane even more the other day. I added a route following a few simple waypoints but extended the range even further. in my previous test I was verifying OpenLRSng with 1280mhx video. This was an extension to that. I think the waypoint at most was about 1Km away. During this flight …

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Jun 08

Long range FPV tested

Today I rushed away 21:15 to get to the RC field…21:30 I arrive, all empty(wonder why a Saturday night;) ) Anyway…I programmed a longer route in my Arduplane. I also powered up all gear, FPV, camera and OSD so I could detect any interferences. At some points I had static, but I never lost picture …

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Apr 02

433Mhz LRS

I received my LRS gear and I’m currently doing some initial tests. Connected the module to my 9X – check OK Binding TX-RX – check OK Connected the module to my Eurgle 3ch radio -check OK Now I can mount the Receiver on my RC car and go for a drive around my block. To …

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Jul 23

FPV Quad450 crash

I crashed the Quad450 yesterday A new render is on its way with 15 crashes in 15 minutes 😀