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Nov 08

Quadcopter frame

measurement of arms

I have found my pictures that I took during the build of my Quadcopter frame. (I thought I deleted them by mistake) Here we see that the threaded rods are a bit to long. I ran out of 6mm alloy tube so I could not finish 4 spacers – they are going to be 20mm …

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Sep 13


Frame with CD-cakebox

This is my new build…a small Quadcopter – intended for indoor use now that the indoor-season has begun. The arms will be less than 50cm motor to motor and the frame is made of Balsa-wood. It is not very sturdy, but will be a great test platform of how much strength actually is needed A …

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Jun 15


I got an request to fabricate a frame to the Tricopter. I will do an exact copy of my current version 3 arms (1 with yaw assembly) 2 plates (top and bottom) 1 battery holder minor hardware (nuts and bolts)

May 18

Missing pictures

Frame complete

I have taken several pictures during my ventures with the Tricopter. Many of them are in my Cellphone and will be transfered to my computer “any day now” Here is a shot of the frame And another one Jammed between top and bottom alloy plates are pieces of the arms that acts like stops for …

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May 06

Tricopter frame

The frame on the Tricopter is built from square alloy profiles 10mm by 10 mm with 1mm material thickness. The arms were initially 50Cm long and has been cut off ~10Cm in total so I didn’t have to extend or solder new cables to the ESC or be forced to use extension cords between Receiver …

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