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Jun 21


Today I found out that I have to activate PPM signal on the Nazeboard to enable it (doh!) If I want to change pinout I also have to activate SERVO-TILT   Configuring a Naze controller is done in GUI (or CLI) from the Google Chrome app called Baseflight Depending on board you use an FTDI …

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May 28

Skywalker FPV with ER9X

Lovely sunset

I have been busy rebuilding the videolink and it seems I solved the issue, but I don’t know what the cause was. For some strange reason the goggles did not work either so there is more troubleshooting ahead. I flew LOS to begin with to get the hang of the ER9X programming. The Ailerons have …

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Jun 28

USB Programmer

USB programmer

I got my new USB programmer yesterday. Now I can solder the wires into the Turnigy 9X radio and reprogram the radio with ER9X firmware. This is the 1st step to get better firmware. Next will be to enable telemetry data into radio from FRSKY DIY module

Jun 16

Turnigy 9X mod

Module in place

Today I picked up my parcel containing a Turnigy 9X, Frsky diy module, LED backlight and a telemetry Rx. A few hours later and the mod is completed. Now I wait for my USB programmer so I can flash the atmega with something better than stock firmware. I removed glue from rear side of Turnigy-badge …

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